Halloween is right around the corner, and even in the midst of a pandemic, there are so many fun ways to celebrate! Whether it be apple picking, pumpkin carving, or dressing up your dog, Halloween is the perfect excuse to have a little extra fun on the weekends. Even if you are just going to sit on your couch and watch a scary movie or go out to dinner, dressing up this year can still be fun! But people and pets are not the only ones who can dress up for Halloween - so can your car! Lots of people have fun adding silly costumes to their cars during the Halloween season for themselves and other drivers to enjoy. Seeing a car dressed up as a ladybug or a dog is guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day. Wrench is here to give some examples of the best Halloween costumes for cars, either for inspiration or simply for your viewing pleasure. If you are interested in dressing up your car, it is important that it is running smoothly as well, so you do not get “spooked” on the road by a mysterious maintenance issue. Schedule an appointment with a Wrench mobile technician today so you do not have to worry about your car breaking down when it is showing off its newest accessories.


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Without further ado, we present to you the best Halloween costumes for cars:

1. Gumball machine! Although this may be unrealistic if you have anything at all that needs to go in the trunk, this clever giant gumball machine is a great way to get your car suited up for the Halloween season.

(Via Pinterest)

2. Shark! Someone clearly had a lot of fun sewing a jaw and teeth to attach to the hood of the car when parked. The fin on top is an especially nice touch and could potentially stay on the car even when it is driving around the neighborhood. Be sure to check the fluid levels in your car while the hood is popped!

(Via Instagram)

3. Spider web! This is a super fun way to decorate your car in a way that is (hopefully) safe to drive. At Wrench, we recommend that you do not cover any of the windows so as to not hinder your visibility, and make sure that the spider is securely fastened if you are going to be driving with it attached to the roof. This car takes the spider web costume to the extreme but is great for inspiration.

(Via Pinterest)

4. Reindeer! Want to ring in the holiday cheer a little early? Dress your car up as a reindeer for Halloween and then you will be all set for Christmas as well! These car decorations are affordable and always fun to see on the road. For bonus points, get all of your friends to dress their cars up too and form your own squad of Santa’s reindeer.

(Via Groupon)

5. Ghostbusters car! This one would be harder to replicate if you do not have a 1959 Cadillac, but it is an iconic car costume. It perfectly embodies the spirit of the movie with the roof decals, Ghostbusters logo, and sirens. There are many movies with famous cars, so watch your favorite film for car decorating inspiration or look to see if others have done the same. (Hint: think Mater from Cars or Herbie from Herbie: Fully Loaded).

(Via HotCars)

6. Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo! Who doesn't love a Scooby-Doo-themed costume? Bonus points if you match with your car and dress up as a member of the Scooby squad. Many cars have tried to copy the Mystery Machine, so keep your eyes peeled on the road for this famous ride.

(Via College of DuPage Fashion)

We hope that this Wrench blog brightens your day just a little bit, and reminds you that it is okay to not take life too seriously sometimes. Even if you are not rushing out to buy a hot dog costume for your car, you still want to keep it running smoothing during the spooky season and beyond. As we said before, schedule an appointment with a Wrench mobile technician if anything seems off with your vehicle, or even if it could just use a regular check-up. Wondering if your car is haunted? We promise it is not, but head over to the Wrench blog for more Halloween-themed articles. If you have any other questions about our Wrench services, feel free to contact our customer service team through email, at hello@wrench.com, or by phone, at 844-997-3624.


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