According to our Wrench mobile mechanics’ recommendations, replacing your car’s tires regularly is very important in order to keep you safe on the road. If you wait too long to get your tires replaced, it could put you and your passengers in danger. Sometimes it can be hard to tell when you should get your tires replaced because it depends on your vehicle, driving habits, the weather, and other road conditions.


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If you are ever unsure of when you need to get your tires replaced, you can always book one of our mobile mechanics to come take a look. As a general rule of thumb, you should get your tires checked out by a professional once a year after they have been in use for five years. Also, after ten years have passed the manufacturing date, you should get your tires replaced, even if they appear to be fine. This also applies to your spare tire that has been sitting in your trunk waiting to be put to use! When it comes to tires, it is always better to be safe than sorry, because they are critical to your vehicle’s safety. You do not want to do anything to risk putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

However, with proper care and maintenance, you can increase your tire’s lifespan. To take good care of your tires, you will need to make sure the air pressure is within the acceptable range and receive regular tire rotations services from our mobile mechanics. Although there are ways to extend the life of your tires, it is still extremely important that you know when it is time to get them replaced. Below are five reasons that tire replacement is the way to go if you are on the fence about the decision.

  1. Safety. Your safety is very important to us! In order to keep our customers cruising safely, we recommend replacing your tires as soon as you notice any problems. When you receive new tires, you will notice that you will be able to have more control of your vehicle on hills because your new tires will provide more traction. This improved traction will also give your vehicle greater stopping power. You will notice that when you apply pressure to your brakes, your vehicle will stop quicker because the tire tread has not deteriorated. Not only will new tires improve the safety of you and your passengers, but it applies to the other drivers on the road as well. You do not want to cause an accident that may have been avoidable had you taken better care of your tires.
  2. Save money. By replacing your tires, you will be saving money! We know this sounds backwards, but we promise that it truel. Without taking proper care of your tires, you could be putting your vehicle in danger of accumulating more damage and costly issues. If you wait too long, your tires could become bald tires. This is when the tread on your tires have completely worn out. Driving with bald tires could cause you to get into an accident, where the physical and monetary consequences may be much greater than you anticipated. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so book an appointment with one of our mobile mechanics today!
  3. Save Time. If you hire a mobile mechanic from Wrench, you will save yourself a lot of time. We will bring our convenient services to you so you can continue on with your usual routine. When you want to get your tires checked out by a professional, Wrench is the most time efficient option out there. We will replace your tires quickly so you can get back on the road and enjoy everything your town has to offer.
  4. Enhance Your Driving Experience. When you replace your tires, you will notice a huge change in your vehicle’s performance. When you are cruising down the highway, your ride will be a lot smoother because the new tires will have deeper treads. New tires will also be substantially less noisy than old, worn out tires. And odds are, you will feel safer and spiffier than you have in a while!
  5. Opportunity for Thorough Inspection. When one of our mobile mechanics come out to replace your tires, this also allows your vehicle to get a thorough inspection for other potential issues that may affect you in the near future. Services that you may also want to look into if you are planning on hiring a Wrench mobile mechanic for a tire replacement service includes:
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Tire Balancing
  • Worn Brake Pads and Rotors
  • Leaking Oil or Coolant
  • Other mechanical issues that you may be noticing

Even if you are unsure about the status of your vehicle’s tires, it is always a good idea to get a professional opinion. Book an appointment with Wrench today for high quality service and convenience you will not find anywhere else.


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