Hitting a pothole can cause serious damage to your car, and sometimes the damage isn't visible. As soon as you hit a pothole, we recommend you get an inspection from one of our mobile mechanics. You could be driving around town with some serious car issues and you may not even notice it!


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Luckily for you, this won't be the end of the world. At Wrench, we strive to provide quick and convenient auto repair and maintenance services so when mayhem like this occurs, you don't have to put your whole life on pause. Simply go to our website and book an appointment! Our mobile mechanic will bring the shop to your location so you can go about your usual routine.

Causes of Potholes

Most of the time, your city or town will cover up large potholes to make the streets safe to drive on, but how do they pop up in the first place? It's really an issue with the weather conditions. If you live in an area where it rains a lot, there is extreme cold temperatures, or extremely hot temperatures, you could be at risk for hitting a pothole. Even if you live in town with average weather conditions, potholes could still arise, so keep your eyes open and avoid streets that aren't maintained properly by your city.  

Symptoms of Pothole Damage

  • Low Tires
    If your tires are low after hitting a pothole, this could be a sign that your tire got popped. There could also be a variety of other problems that come with this so it would be best to get it checked out by a mobile mechanic.
  • Bulge in Tire Sidewall
    Having a bulge in your tire side wall never sounds like a good thing. So it you inspect your car after hitting the pothole and you see a bulge, see a mobile mechanic immediately.
  • Car Pulls Left or Right
    When you drive straight, your car shouldn't pull to the left or right, so if this starts happening to you, book an appointment with a mobile mechanic as soon as possible. If you wait to long to get this issue fixed, it could cause an accident.
  • Steering Vibrations
    If your steering wheel is vibrating while you are driving, then your wheels could be unbalanced. You will need to get an appointment with a mobile mechanic to solve this issue before it gets worse.
  • Strange Noises
    Even if you don't hit a pothole, strange or abnormal noises coming from your car should be a huge red flag. Always get your car inspected if you notice strange noises because it is likely that there's an issue with your car.
  • Dashboard Light Turns on
    Lastly, if any lights on your dashboard turn on, then you need to get your car checked out by one of our mobile mechanics.

If you happened to be driving fast or the pothole was extremely larger, the damage could be even worse than you think. So get your car inspected, even if you think its fine. Its always better to be safe than sorry and let issues get worse and worse!

How to Avoid Hitting a Pothole

Sometimes hitting a pothole on the street is inevitable, but sometimes it can be avoided. Be aware and take the proper precautions in order to avoid damaging your car from potholes.

  • Keep Your Tires in Good Conditions
    If you keep your tires properly maintained, they might absorb the impact better which would lessen or prevent damage to your car. Next time you get a maintenance service, tell your mobile mechanic to check your tire pressure and tread. It might just save you a few bucks from costly repairs.
  • Drive Smart
    Do everything in your power to avoid running over a pothole. This means you need to get off your phone on the road and really pay attention to the street. You should also leave enough room between your car and the car in front of you so you have a long enough time to react to incoming potholes. And if you see a pothole coming, you can try to safely change lanes, but make sure you look before and don't just swerve around it.
  • Brace For Inevitable Impact
    If you are going to hit a pothole and theres nothing you can do to avoid it, take your foot off of the gas pedal and just drive through it. Make sure you drive straight so it won't mess up your steering system. Be sure not to put your foot on the brakes because this could end up damaging your car even more.


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