People have been naming things they care about since the beginning of time. Think about your childhood! You probably named a couple stuffed animals that were special to you. Maybe you had an imaginary friend that also had a name. Then as you got a little older, maybe you got a pet and were able to pick a name for it! If you care about your car, you might be thinking about the perfect name. However, this isn't something you want to settle on. Picking the perfect name for your car takes time! Wrench knows how much our customers care for their cars, so we found some tips and tricks to find the perfect name for your car!


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What Not to Name Your Car

Although naming your car is your decision, you really want to spend some time thinking about it. Maybe make yourself a list and pick the one that seems just right! Don't settle for any basic names. Don't name your car the same as someone else's unless it fits perfectly. And definitely don't pick the first name that pops into your head unless you can't think of a better one!

Where to Start

Start off by compiling a list of names. They don't all have to be perfect, but you will know once you find the right name! But before you start listing off names, think about your car. Keep in mind all the different qualities it has. Does it need a feminine name, a masculine name, or a neutral one? Does the color stand out to you? Does the age of your car mean anything? There are so many factors that can influence how you name your car, so be sure to keep an open mind.

Consider Your Personality

Your personality as a driver will affect your car's personality. If you are a slow, careful driver, then you don't want to include words like "speedy," "daredevil," or "lightning" in your cars name. So consider your personality and think of names that suit your driving style. Are you a fast or slow driver? Timid or confident? Safe or dangerous? Angry or happy? Any of these qualities can be used to help you pick the perfect name for your car!

Consider the License Plate Number

Depending on the letters in your license plate, your perfect name may already be hinted for you! For example if you have the letter sequence "SRA" maybe try Sarah. Or if you have the sequence "OLI" maybe try Oliver. There are countless combinations for your license plate, so it could either be a hit or a miss. Either way, it is a great place to check! Another bonus to naming your car after the license plate is that you might be able to memorize your license plate number more easily.

Consider the Color of Your Car

Sometimes, the most obvious aspect of your car is the most important. Although naming your car after it's color is typically for cars with bright, standout colors, every color can contribute to the perfect name for your car! There are so many names that pair with colors, so it might be time for some trial and error. For silver cars, you can try names like Iron, Titanium, Shiny, or Bullet. For Black Cars, you could use a name like Midnight, Crow, or Dark. If you have a red car, you might want to use a name like Ruby, Rose, or Annie. The list goes on and on!

Car Names as a Pun

One way to find the perfect name for your car is to combine different qualities to create a pun. It makes your car's name more fun, showing off your clever and funny side. For example, you could try a name like Rhonda the Honda or Jack the Cadillac! If that seems too difficult, you could try repeating the first letter to create a similar effect. Maybe Midnight Mary or Dangerous Dave seems a little more fitting.

At Wrench, we support caring for your car in any way you can. Maybe taking the time to find the perfect name is your way of showing you care! So we hope these tips and tricks are helpful in your decision. It may seem a bit complicated, but you want a name that really stands out, so try not to think too hard!


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