Most people don't thing having foggy windows is a huge issue but since it can impair your ability to see, it is quite dangerous. You should never drive with foggy windows, even in an emergency. However, foggy windows are reasonably easy to fix, it just takes a little time. With our tips, you will be able to fight your foggy windows and drive safely in no time.


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The windows in your car may fog up when there is condensation. This can happen in very cold climates and hot, humid climates. If it is cold outside, the condensation could be on the inside due to the people in the car exhaling or wearing damp or snowy clothes. If it is hot outside, the condensation might be on the outside because of the moisture in the air. Depending on your specific situation, there are two ways to defog your windows quickly.

Tips For Foggy Windows in Cold Weather

  • Lower The Inside Temperature
    This will probably be uncomfortable for you, but it is the fastest way to get rid of the fog. Crack open your windows, turn on the defrosters, and turn up the AC. To make this a little more comfortable for you, turn on your seat warmers if you have any.
  • Avoid Turning on The Heat
    Though it might be tempting to warm up your car when it's chilly outside, resist it! It won't help the fog go away any faster.
  • Keep Windows Clean
    Another way to clear up your windows is to make sure they are always clean. Then you will know that you're dealing with foggy windows and not just dirty ones. You can also purchase an anti-fog spray to apply to your windshield and windows that would reduce the chances of your windows fogging up.

Tips For Foggy Windows in Hot Weather

  • Use Your Windshield Wipers
    The quickest way to get rid of the fog is to use your windshield wipers. If you do this, it will likely keep coming back, so just keep using your windshield wipers. However, constantly having to use your windshield wipers might get a little annoying after a while.
  • Turn Off The AC
    For a longer lasting solution, try turning down the AC to the lowest setting. If the fog still doesn't go away, turn it off. Be warned, it will get very warm inside your car very quickly.

You won't need to book an auto repair or maintenance service if all you are struggling with is a case of foggy windows, but if you notice any other issues with your vehicle, feel free to book an appointment on out website. If you try to turn on your AC and it doesn't work, book an appointment. If you try to roll the windows down and they won't budge, book an appointment. Seeing a professional mobile mechanic never hurts!

At Wrench, our skilled mobile mechanics are invested in your comfort and safety. We bring the most convenient auto repair and maintenance services all over the country, so drop the shop and book your appointment today. You will be able to choose the date, time, and location of your service. For your next maintenance service or auto repair emergency, give us a try!


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