If your car is leaking fluids, it could be serious or it could be completely normal. Depending on what's leaking, you may need to plan to visit a mechanic, but you might also be able to fix the problem yourself. If you aren't comfortable under the hood, no worries! Wrench's mobile mechanics can come to you and perform an auto repair service without having to step foot in the shop. When you call to schedule an appointment, make sure you know what service you need or be prepared to describe the leak. To identify the fluid, you need to know where it is coming from and what color it is.


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If it is Coming From Under The Hood

  1. Motor Oil or Engine Oil
    Motor oil leaks are the most common type of leaks. If you see motor oil under the hood, it will be a dark brown or black color, smell burnt, and feel slick. If you are not knowledgable with cars, we would recommend booking an appointment with a mechanic so they can stop the leak. You can also add more motor oil yourself to replace what has leaked. Be sure you are adding the right kind of fluid and if you don't know how to do it, leave it to a mechanic.
  2. Transmission Fluid
    Transmission fluid is a reddish/pink color and smells like fuel. If your transmission fluid is leaking, this is very serious. You should avoid driving your car until it gets checked out by a mechanic. The mechanic will either need to fix a larger problem or just replace the fluid that has been lost.
  3. Coolant or Antifreeze
    Coolant is another fluid that could be leaking out of the front of your car. It will usually be a red or green color and tends to smell a bit sweet. But be careful not to get too close if you suspect your leak is coolant because it is very toxic to people and animals. If you wait too long to get your car looked at, it could cause engine damage. So book your appointment as soon as possible.
  4. Power Steering Fluid
    If your leak is power steering fluid, it will be slick and thin. If you try to drive your car when you are low on power steering fluid, you might lose the power steering function. That could be dangerous as it could cause an accident, so get an appointment with a mobile mechanic!
  5. Windshield Wiper Fluid
    Windshield wiper fluid leaks will not affect your car's performance, so if you need to keep driving with this leak, you will be okay! This fluid tends to be brightly colored and should be replaced whenever you run out or it gets low so can clean your windshields while you are driving.

If it is Coming From The Brakes

  1. Brake Fluid
    If you see a light brown fluid that smells fishy near your brakes, you are probably leaking brake fluid. If this is the case, you need to see a mechanic as soon as possible! Although brake fluid leaks aren't very common, they can still happen. Ignoring this leak could lead to bigger problems down the road.

If it is Coming From The Rear

  1. Water
    If it is hot and humid outside, you are probably going to experience water leaks. This has a bunch of different causes, but one example is that the AC system takes the moisture from inside the car and removes it through a hose that leaks in the back of your car. This is supposed to happen so there is no need to worry.
  2. Fuel
    If fuel is leaking, you should be able to smell it. It will be a light gold, colorless, or have a blueish color to it depending on what kind of gas your car uses. This leak is a fire hazard so you will have to get your car seen by a mechanic as fast as you can. You should be aware that gas leaks can happen almost anywhere near the car, not just the rear. But this should be taken very seriously. We don't recommend driving with a fuel leak, instead, call Wrench and we will send a mobile mechanic to you.


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