Whenever you get, it's always inconvenient. You were going about your day and suddenly your car is driving weird. So you pull over and notice your tire is flat. Now what? You have a few options! Each one has different pros and cons, so pick which one works best for you.


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One thing you should not do when you get a flat tire is continue driving. The tire is there to minimize impact on the wheel and without that tire, you might damage the wheel. Then you would have to get it replaces and that would be a waste of your time and money.

What To Do

You should first stop driving and pull over to a safe area, away from traffic. We don't recommend just pulling off to the side of the road because it is not a safe area. Turn on your hazards so people know you are having an issue with your car. Then get out of your car and inspect your tires. Figure out which tire is flat, but don't just stop at the first tire because you might have more than one.

Once you have done that, you can either try to change the flat tire with a spare tire. Only do that if you have a spare tire and are comfortable with your own abilities. The lug nuts may be hard to loosen, so you may need to use a lot of strength. If your strength is compromised from an injury, old age, or something else, you should not attempt to change the tire yourself.

Who To Call

Don't worry if you are unable to change the tire yourself because you can always call for help. The traditional way to get help in this situation would be to call a tow truck, but with Wrench you can skip that step and save yourself time and money!

Wrench is a team of dedicated mobile mechanics who want to bring convenience into the auto repair industry. Our mechanics will come to our customers, cutting out the need to pay towing fees and long hours waiting at the auto repair shop. We don't just care about cars, we truly care about our customers.

As long as you are in a safe place, like a driveway or parking lot, we can come change your tire for you! You can get your appointment by filling out our simple online form on our website, wrench.com.


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