For companies that own a fleet of cars, you are probably concerned about keeping them clean. If your cars are clean, it will reflect well on your business. However, if your cars are constantly dirty, customers may be less inclined to use your business. Traditionally, getting your fleet washed could cost a lot, be a huge hassle, and take a long time to get done, but it doesn't always have to be that way!


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Thankfully, Wrench has a convenient solution you will love! We provide mobile mechanic services to all of our customers. If you need your cars washed, simply get them in one area or parking lot and book an appointment with our skilled mobile mechanics. We will bring all the tools and parts in order to get your cars back to their best condition. We are also able to perform scheduled maintenance services such as oil changes and diagnostic appointments.

All you will need to do is go onto our website and create an account. After you have made an account, add information about the cars you would like services. Let us know which services you need and we will provide a quote. You will then be able to schedule your appointment in a time and place that works best with your company's schedule. You can expect our mobile mechanic to show up prepare and on time. While our mechanic is working on your car, you can leave and finish up some other important tasks, or you can stay and watch our mechanic. If you have any questions about your fleets health, it is the time to ask!

Our mobile mechanics are very experienced in the auto repair industry, so if some of your cars are having mechanical issues, book an appointment with us as soon as possible. Each mechanic we hire undergoes a long hiring process, including multiple background checks. Our mobile mechanics are all ASE certified and have demonstrated their skills and extensive knowledge of fleet vehicles.

Wrench has been working with fleets ever since started fixing up cars! We are already working with fleets from Garda World, RKS Plumbing and Mechanical, IES Residential, Stoner Group, USPS VVMF Portland, Canteen Vending, and more! If you have any questions about our fleet services, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We want to keep your fleet clean and healthy, so book an appointment as soon as possible.


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