Otobots is now Wrench!

Wrench Otobots logos.

New brand, better service

We’re super excited to announce that Wrench and Otobots are now operating under one brand. What does this mean for Otobots customers?

It means you can book all of your favorite auto repair and maintenance services at your home, office or any location of your choice online with Wrench mobile mechanics after you have activated your account.

Looking for your Otobots account?

If you’re a current Otobots customer, we have your Wrench account all set up and ready to go. You just have to activate it!

How do I activate my Wrench account?

To activate your Wrench account, click “Activate Account” and enter the email address that you previously used to sign up for Otobots. We will send you an email with a specific link that will help you activate your Wrench account.

Activate account

What if I don’t have an existing account?

If you don’t have an exiting Otobots account, no activation is needed. You’re ready to set up a new account at any time. You can do so by clicking on the get a quote button below.

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