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The blower motor has two main functions - to blow hot air out the vents and to circulate air inside the car. It is essential to the operation of your car’s heating and cooling system. Once it starts to fail, your AC isn’t going to work like it should. Another easy way to tell the problem with a blower motor resistor would be through performing a quick visual inspection. If there are signs of wear, such as corrosion and rust, it would mean that you will need to replace it.


The motor that runs the fan in the heating and air conditioning system in a car is called a blower motor. It’s located inside the dash, often on the opposite side of the steering wheel or inside the engine compartment on the firewall. A blower motor resistor or a blower motor control module is the part that controls the speed of the blower motor. A blower motor resistor is a simple electric resistor. If the blower motor doesn’t work at all, the blower motor itself must be tested first. How much the entire replacement or repair costs will depend on the kind of car you have and how extensive the damage is. If the blower motor is starting to fail, then other parts of the heating and cooling system probably won’t be far behind.


This can be a fairly quick and simple process, or it can take a while. It just depends on the kind of car you have and how much damage has been done. If there is a leaking fluid that is causing a problem with the blower motor, as is sometimes the case, then your mechanic will need to take a lot longer and repair further areas of the car. The blower motor replacement begins with a diagnosis of the car. Wrench mechanic will figure out what is causing the problem and if it is only relegated to the motor and isn’t something more extensive. Once master mobile mechanic has replaced the parts and put in new motor, he will test out car to see how the heating and cooling system is working.


If the blower motor resistor’s internal components fail it may cause the blower motor to malfunction, or not function at all on one or more of the settings. This can also be caused by a blower motor switch, so a proper diagnosis is highly recommended by our master mechanics if you are uncertain of what the issue may be.


  • One of the most common signs of failure would be when the blower motor is stuck on a single speed. Because of this, the heater or the fan in the car will only function in a single setting and you will notice that the temperature does not change regardless of the adjustments that you make.
  • If there is no air coming out from the vent, this can also be one of the indications that the blower motor resistor has already failed. If the blower is turned on but it does not generate any air, check the blower motor resistor.
  • There is also a problem if the blower motor does not work in specific settings.

You may not have much success in comparing rates between professional mechanics, as they usually have to take a look under the hood to tell what is causing the problem and how much it will take to repair it. It's also not a good idea to take a used motor from another car as easy option. Your options to cut costs with this particular procedure are limited, so you may just need to buckle down and call Wrench's blower motor resistor replacement mobile mechanic you trust to do the work.

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