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Learn about Ignition Coil Replacement from Wrench

Mobile ignition coil replacement at home or office

Nothing can be more frustrating then when you have ignition coil issues, but with Wrench, you could have a ignition coil replacement at your home or office. You'll receive a ignition coil replacement auto repair estimate ahead of time and be able to make an appointment to have a ignition coil replacement mobile mechanic come to you. This is especially convenient when your vehicle is totally inoperable.

What is a ignition coil replacement?

Your ignition coil affects everything about your vehicles's engine performance, so it's important that it works properly. A bad coil will not only make your car hard to start, but it will also run very poorly due to poor fuel combustion. You car may not run at all and your "check engine" light will likely illuminate. When a coil is faulty, it's important that it's checked and replaced with a new ignition coil as soon as possible.

How is an ignition coil replacement done?

Most modern cars have more than one ignition coil, generally one for every two cylinders. After determining which coil or coils have gone bad, the mechanic will disconnect the battery, mark off and remove the plug wires, and remove the bad coils. In some cases, the intake manifold may need removal to make access easier. Replacement is done in the reverse order, making sure the correct wires are plugged into the correct ports. If you have an older car, then you might only have one coil and a distributor. In this case, there is only one wire to remove and reattach.

What are the symptoms that indicate an ignition coil replacement is needed?

At first, the symptoms that your ignition coil is going bad may not be noticeable. You could experience some hesitation while accelerating and rough idling. Your "check engine" light might also light up at this point. As the problem gets worse, these symptoms will become more pronounced. In some cases, your car will run for a short period and then stall. You will also notice that your car is hard to start. The motor might crank, but the engine won't turn over and start.

Can I drive without doing an ignition coil replacement?

Actually, if you let this problem go for too long, you will not be able to drive at all. Your car will eventually not start or will run so poorly that you won't be able to get up to any speed on the road. Even if you could drive the car, you're putting your catalytic converter, which is an expensive component, at risk for damage due to poor combustion from a lack of spark. A bad coil can also affect and cause damage to other parts of the ignition system.

Don't let your ignition coil problems get you stranded or cost you more money. Contact Wrench to have your ignition coil replaced by an experienced mobile mechanic who will come to you. That way, you can get back on the road and drive with confidence that your car won't let you down.