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Learn about AC Evacuate and Recharge from Wrench

Mobile air conditioning evacuate and recharge at home or office

When your car's interior isn't cool enough for comfort, then a mobile air conditioning evacuate and recharge service may be the most convenient option to cool down your vehicle. A poorly working air conditioning system not only affects the temperature inside your vehicle, but can also affect your defogger, as it also runs off the same compressor. This may make it more difficult to see through the windshield on a humid day. A mobile mechanic from Wrench can come to you whether you're at home or office and give you an auto repair estimate to service and repair your car.

What is a air conditioning evacuate and recharge service?

Any time you replace or repair an air conditioning component on your car, you must evacuate the system before it can be recharged. You have to do this even if the system only requires a small repair, such as a hose replacement. This is because once the system is open, outside moisture can get in and freeze, possibly causing more damage in the future. Evacuation also helps make sure that all the gases are removed before new refrigerant is added.

How is an air conditioning evacuate and recharge service done?

Your mechanic hooks up specialized equipment that monitors both the high and low pressure sides of the air conditioning system. We use a special vacuum to remove any air, gas and moisture in the system. As we work, we monitor the gauges hooked into the high and low pressure sides to make sure the correct pressure is maintained and that there are no leaks. If we detect a leak, more repairs may be needed. However, if all is well, then your car's air conditioning system is recharged, and we test it using the same gauges.

Can I do an air conditioning evacuate and recharge service myself?

It is possible to do this service yourself. However, if you're not very familiar with your car's air conditioning system, you run the risk of damaging it. Trained mechanics know how to read the gauges and make sure the pressures are in the correct range. Evacuating and recharging your air conditioning system also requires specialized equipment which, unless you plan on doing this type of work often, is not practical for the average at-home mechanic to own. Most people can buy and use a self-service can of refrigerant. However even here, you run the risk of overfilling and creating pressure issues if you don't carefully read the instructions. Since the air conditioning system is supposed to be completely closed, you shouldn't need to add any refrigerant unless there's a problem.

Your air conditioning system is important to your comfort and even your safety. If you're having problems, or if you had some repairs done and need the system evacuated and recharged, then call Wrench. We will help you set up your appointment and send a mobile mechanic to get your air conditioning running cool again.