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Learn about Backing Plate Replacement from Wrench

Mobile Backing Plate Replacement at Home or Office

The function of backing plates is to hold the braking system together so it can work properly. With drum brake systems, each wheel has two curved brake shoes mounted on the stationary backing plate. The brake shoes are shaped like the letter C with friction material on the outside curve. They're attached to either side of the brake plate. This assembly is, in turn, mounted inside a cast-iron drum that rotates along with the wheel. Contact Wrench for a backing plate replacement at your location, on your schedule. A smoother, safer driving experience will be your result!

What is Backing Plate Replacement?

Backing plates are metal plates that function as the solid foundation for drum brake. Made of steel, these plates have the wheel cylinder mounted on them to which the brake shoes are then attached. Tasked with the parental duties of the brakes, without these metal backing plates, all braking hardware attached would have nothing to grip on to.

How is Backing Plate Replacement Done?

  1. Make sure the vehicle is parked on a solid level surface to ensure that it does not roll or lean when raised.
  2. Secure the vehicle with jack stands on both sides for safety before starting any work.
  3. Turn the wheel to the left or right to gain full access to the backing plate.
  4. Inspect the plate for cracks that could cause vibration and noise or bending that could rub on moving parts and cause noise.
  5. Remove the plate by loosening the mounting bolts on the back of the hub.
  6. Replace with the new backing plate.
  7. Tighten the mounting bolts to secure the backing plate in place.
  8. Road test the vehicle to verify repairs.


Have your vehicle checked regularly with seasonal maintenance. You may have gotten used to poor braking, but your Wrench mobile mechanic can let you know if your vehicle can do much better. Just book a service appointment with us today!

Symptoms That Indicate You Need A Backing Plate Replacement

  • Wear indicator on vehicle dashboard
  • High pitched squeal when braking
  • Vehicle pulling or wandering on braking.

We can get your vehicle back to its prime condition while you continue on with your routine. So book an appointment with us today for backing plate replacement services and you'll be back on the road before you know it.