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Mobile Brake Line Replacement at Home or Office

Even the most well-designed vehicles don't hold up to the rough and tumble conditions of city or off-road driving. Therefore, when it's time for your mobile brake line replacement, we can help you get safely back on the road. Wrench has a knowledgeable team of professional mechanics ready to come to your home or office, so you get back on the road soon and conveniently. Brake line replacement is quick and affordable, too.

What is a brake line replacement?

Most vehicles have hydraulic braking systems, which mean fluid makes the brakes clamp down and stop the vehicle. Brake lines carry brake fluid from the master cylinder of the car to the brakes. The brake lines wear out over time and from excessive use.

How is a brake line replacement done?

In order to replace the brake line, the line needs to be removed from both the main cylinder and the brakes themselves and then replaced with a new hose. You may need to drain the brake fluid from the line initially, and once you have the new hose on, you will have to bleed the brakes. Bleeding the brakes consists of removing any air that has gotten into the line. This is very important for proper functioning.


To ensure that your brake line replacement is done correctly, call a professional mechanic who has the experience to deal with difficult brake systems and get you back on the road in the shortest time possible. Brake fluid is corrosive to paint and can cause irritation, which makes safety gear is a necessity when working on a brake line.

Symptoms that indicate you need a brake line replacement?

It's relatively easy to determine when you need a brake line replacement in Seattle. You may experience less resistance on the brakes when you push down, or you may notice you're losing brake fluid. You can also look at the brake line itself and see if it has rust on it or is wet. Rust indicates you've had a small leak for some time. If the line is cracked or worn, this is a good time to look into changing the brake line before it leaks.

Importance of a brake line replacement

The brake line is a vital part of your vehicle's safety system and needs to be replaced as soon as there is an indication that it's leaking or worn. Without a properly functioning brake line, the brake fluid can't travel from the cylinder to the brakes, and you will be flying off the road in a panic by day's end.

Average cost of a brake line replacement

Steel brake lines cost a little more to replace because they're more expensive to manufacture. The cost can also change if you have extensive damage to the braking system irrespective of the line itself. The average cost ranges anywhere is usually less than a few hundred dollars.

Can I do a brake line replacement myself?

It takes time and patience to replace a brake line as well as the proper tools and equipment. You also must match the make and model of your vehicle to guarantee your safety and that of those you share the road with. While it is certainly possible, it's much easier and quicker to hire a professional mechanic like those at Wrench who can come to your home or business and replace the brake line.

Safety: Can I drive without doing a brake line replacement?

If you need a brake line replacement and decide not to get it done, eventually the brake line will rupture. A ruptured brake line can't push essential brake fluid to the braking system, so your brakes won't work. Obviously, driving without brakes is never recommended, so to be safe and smart, you should always get your brake lines replaced when they need it.