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The loss of your car's emblem may not affect your vehicle's performance, but it certainly has a negative impact on your ride's appearance. Whether you lost this metal component when you replaced your grille, or it simply fell off after rust settled in, your vehicle just doesn't look the same without it. Beyond making it easier for consumers to identify a car's make, emblems are there to bring a dash of class to a vehicle's appearance. Lost emblems don't just affect your ride's looks; they also pull down your car's resale value. No matter how new-looking your car appears, it's all for naught if your vehicle's potential buyer can't tell if you're driving a Mazda or a Maserati. So if you really want to maximize your ride's value, then Wrench's emblem replacement mobile mechanics suggest replacing lost emblems as soon as possible.


An emblem is a logo that gives your vehicle distinction; a badge that's attached in front, at the back, or on the sides. Without it, a car may be considered incomplete or even lose its value. Luckily, it can be bought easily. The plastic emblem on the back of your car allow you to communicate things like what kind of car you drive and they need replacing every once in a while. As they age and experience car washes, bad weather, and the harsh light of the beating sun, they can start to deteriorate and lose their aesthetic appeal. Often, they start to show their age long before your paint job, and they can become an eyesore on your trunk or tailgate. If this is the case with your rear end, you can replace it with a new emblem in an afternoon with Wrench.


Park your vehicle on a level surface, and engage the parking brake. Determine where the emblem must be replaced and how it is held to the car. Some emblems require the hood or trunk be opened. If the emblem is held by screws, tabs or it's a part of an assembly, remove it using the screwdrivers. Take your new emblem and hold it in place before you attach the screws or peel off the cover. Attach the screws or stick the emblem with adhesive. Apply moderate pressure for about 2 minutes to ensure the adhesive bonds on the car. Wipe the area where you have placed your new emblem, and remove any visible adhesive.


It is recommended that you make the call to Wrench as soon as you need an emblem replacement. Our friendly customer service team can help you easily book an emblem replacement appointment with our team of mobile car repair experts.


Every car comes embellished with the manufacturer's badge as a seal of approval, taking place front and centre on the bonnet. However, these badges can be damaged, spoiling the aesthetic of the car. Older makes and models in particular are often fitted with metal badges or ornaments that can tarnish and work themselves loose over time and are, unfortunately, often a target for thieves. Even newer plastic badges can be easily faded by the elements or scuffed by road debris.

Make your life easier and just call our Wrench office today to find out more about emblem replacement and what we can do to help keep your car in tip top condition.