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The engine coolant temperature sensor or the coolant temperature switch is one of the most vital parts of the vehicle coolant system.

What is a Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement?

Coolant engine temperature sensor is the component that is used to monitor the temperature of the engine's coolant. If engine coolant temperature sensor fails or goes bad, then it needs to be removed and replaced with a new or good temperature sensor. Temperature plays a vital role in the engine coolant performance and for this reason; you should ensure that the temperature sensor is always in good shape.

How is Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement Done?

If you realize any of the signs of a failing engine coolant temperature sensor in your vehicle, you will have to replace it as soon as possible. While it's possible to replace it yourself, it's a better idea to trust a professional.

Signs of a Failing Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor

Any issue with the coolant temperature sensor could automatically transform to engine performance issues, and any problem with the coolant temperature sensor will give you some signs to keep you alerted.

Poor fuel economy - One of the first sign that you are likely to notice is how poorly your vehicle is consuming fuel. If the coolant temperature is not right, it could send the wrong signals to the computer thus throwing off the fuel and timing calculations. It is a common issue for the coolant temperature sensor to fail and send permanent false signals to the computer. The computer will then think that the engine is cold and as a result, it uses more fuel than it should. This causes a fuel misuse and could hinder good engine performance.

Black smoke from the engine - This is another symptom of possible engine coolant temperature sensor failure. If the sensor sends wrong signals to the computer, the computer gets confused, and it accidentally enriches the fuel mixture. If the fuel mixture is excessively rich, it reaches a point where it cannot be adequately burned in the combustion chamber. It burns in the exhaust pipes, and this causes black smoke. In more severe case the black smoke could even prevent the driver from driving the vehicle.

Overheating engine - When the temperature sensor fails, it could cause permanent hot signals to the computer. The misinterpreted information causes the computer to compensate for a lean signal incorrectly and this result to the engine coolant to overheat.

Importance of Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor

Engine coolant temperature sensor communicates with the computer sending signals when the coolant engine requires more fuel when they are cold or less fuel when warmed up. This is the component of the coolant system that detects when the temperature is too high or too low thus protecting the engine from any damages caused by overheating.

Average Cost

The average cost for the replacement of an engine coolant temperature sensor depends on your vehicle. Call Wrench to get an accurate price quote before we service your vehicle.

Do not leave any chances of your temperature sensor damage your engine coolant as this could mess up your journey. It is wise always to ensure that it is in good condition by contacting Wrench and let us do the replacement for you. Book an appointment with us and let our team of experts offer you a complete engine coolant temperature sensor replacement.