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Mobile Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch Replacement at Home or Office

If you need mobile engine oil pressure sensor or switch replacement at your home or office, it's vital to act as quickly as possible. The oil pressure sensor is your primary tool for monitoring the condition of oil flow and pressure through your engine. Without proper flow, you can't be sure that your engine's moving components are properly lubricated, and insufficient lubrication will drastically accelerate material degradation. If your engine oil pressure sensor can no longer accurately measure lubrication flow, it will be impossible to guarantee the safe operation of your vehicle. However, even if you don't believe you can safely bring your vehicle to us, Wrench can come to you at your home or office. Get started with a engine oil pressure auto repair estimate from Wrench today.

How Is an Engine Oil Sensor/Switch Replaced?

After an electrical diagnostic confirms that the sensor is faulty, the sensor will be disconnected from the vehicle's electrical system, carefully loosened, and then removed. An appropriate model will be installed and connected to the electrical system. After the oil re-pressurizes, the vehicle will be tested to ensure proper oil flow.

Our Recommendation

Because the engine oil pressure sensor is such an important part of your vehicle, if you cannot be certain that it's working properly, you should have it inspected as soon as possible. Running the engine with insufficient lubrication will damage other components, ultimately increasing future risk and cost.

Symptoms of a Faulty Engine Oil Sensor/Switch

The most definite sign that your engine oil pressure sensor is faulty will be that it has given inaccurate readings. If your low oil light is on but you can physically determine that your oil levels are fine, then your sensor is misreading oil flow. This malfunction might also register as a constantly blinking Oil Pressure Light. If you begin to lose faith in the sensor, don't hope for it to self-correct.

How Important Is the Engine Oil Pressure Sensor?

Because your engine can't safely operate without proper lubrication, it's imperative that you can accurately determine that your vehicle has proper oil flow. A faulty sensor isn't merely an inconvenience, but also a warning that critical engine components may be in danger.

Average Costs

The expected average cost of replacing an oil pressure switch will exceed $100.

Can I Do It Myself?

While it might be physically possible for you to replace the engine oil pressure sensor at home, the risks associated with using a faulty or improperly installed sensor make it an inadvisable do-it-yourself project.

Safety: Can I Drive My Car Without a Working Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch?

If the oil pressure sensor is faulty, then every second of vehicle operation is a gamble. Even if the vehicle starts normally, abnormal oil pressure levels will strain engine components and eventually cause an engine failure. Don't take the risk with your vehicle when Wrench Mobile Mechanics can lend a hand.