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Mobile Headlight Switch Replacement at Home or Office

Even the best headlights on the market would be useless without a functional headlight switch. The switch allows you to easily activate the lights, as well as control the intensity of the lights' beams. So you really shouldn't go driving around when the headlights' switch isn't working. You do manage to activate the headlights, you won't be able to choose between high and low beams, blinding other motorists on the road. Unless you plan on spending the night at the police station, trying to get your license back, you better think about replacing that faulty headlight switch. The small investment can save you from loads of trouble on the road. You'll find dozens of these headlight switches at Wrench.

What is Headlight Switch Replacement?

Your car or truck headlight switch, also referred to as a headlamp switch, doesn't just turn the headlights on and off whenever you want to; it has separate components to turn on each of your parking, curb, and tail lights as well. Most switches also act as the instrument panel light dimmer switch and the interior courtesy light switch. The headlight switch allows you to control all the lighting for your vehicle once you have inserted the key into the ignition and started the car or truck. This allows you to see the road, and allows other drivers to see you. It is better to see, and to be seen, than not to be seen and to hear from other angry drivers. Depending on your model, your lighting controls may be mounted on the dashboard or they may be on your turn signal switch stalk.

How is Headlight Switch Replacement Done?

Most headlight switches are fairly simple to replace. Still, it would be wise to consult a repair manual for your specific vehicle. On older styles in which you pull out a button to turn on the headlights, you will need to access the back of the switch. There is a small 1/4 inch button, usually facing the passenger side of the car. Pull the switch while simultaneously pressing the little button; the switch activation plunger should then come out. Next, unscrew the round nut that holds the switch to the dash. Pull the switch out from behind the dash and unplug it from the harness. Reverse these actions to install the new headlight switch replacement.


Follow the recommendations of our mobile mechanic. The headlight switch is a costly thing to replace, but the failure to replace it and the necessary associated parts can result in severe internal damage to your vehicle, which will be much more costly.

Symptoms That Indicate You Need A Headlight Switch Replacement

  • Issues with the high beams
  • None of the lights work
  • Issues switching between modes

Usually a faulty or problematic headlight switch will produce quite noticeable symptoms, however sometimes other problems can produce the same symptoms. If you suspect that your headlight switch may be having an issue, have the vehicle inspected by a Wrench professional technician to determine if the switch should be replaced. Call us, we offer the best service at the best price, at your convenience.