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Mobile License Plate Bracket Replacement at Home or Office

The bracket that mounts your license plate onto your car or truck can get damaged or cracked. There are many reasons for this, including accidents, weather, and more. Whatever the cause may be, if you need a license plate bracket replacement, you have come to the right place. Crafted of only the finest materials, you will be getting a part that is sure to last a long time, even in the worst of weather conditions. And, if you need to buy a license plate bracket replacement, you may want to consider one of the many stylish options available so you don't have to simply replace it, but you will be able to upgrade it at the same time. Available in many styles, you can find a bracket that will look perfect on your car or truck, whether you prefer chrome or black plastic, or a bracket with a garnish. Regardless of where or when this occurs, be it at home or office, Wrench can come to you with a license plate bracket replacement mobile mechanic to get you on your way. If you are unsure of the damage to your vehicle, Wrench offers a diagnostic service that can assess the issue and offer auto repair estimates.

What is License Plate Bracket Replacement?

Over time license plate mounts and mounting screws get broken, corroded, or lost. The average cost to repair screw mounts is over $80.00, and it can take several days to get the vehicle back from the service department. Which means for an auto dealer, several days longer until the car is ready to be sold on the lot. For a car owner, that is extra money spent and days without a vehicle to drive. The patented Wrench License Plate Bracket replacement is a fast and more affordable alternative.

How is License Plate Bracket Replacement Done?

  1. Remove all screws holding the license plate bracket in place. Remove the license plate and bracket from the bumper.
  2. Clean the bumper cover and inspect the holes to make sure they are not damaged.
  3. Transfer your license plate to the new bracket. Attach the new bracket assembly to the bumper with the original screws. Tighten the screws.


It is recommended that you make the call to Wrench as soon as you need a license plate bracket replacement. We'll help you easily book a license plate replacement appointment with our team of mobile car repair experts.

Symptoms That Indicate You Need A License Plate Bracket Replacement

  • Damaged bracket that mounts your license plate
  • Wear out bracket due to accident or weather conditions

The license plate bracket is more important than most people would assume. Whenever and wherever you need service or maintenance services, contact a Wrench mobile mechanic so they can take good care of your vehicle as soon as possible.