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Mobile Mass Airflow Sensor Replacement at Home or Office

When you need a mobile mass airflow sensor replacement at your home or office, it must be done right away. The mass airflow sensor plays a vital role in your car's ability to perform safely and run smoothly. A mass airflow sensor is used to measure the flow rate of air entering a fuel-injection combustion engine. This is necessary for the engine control unit to deliver the correct fuel mass to the car's computer (the ECU). The ECU then uses this information to help determine the proper amount of fuel necessary for an optimal combustion. Call Wrench today for auto repair estimates, and let the Wrench Mobile Mechanics come to you at your home or office to service your vehicle and replace your mass airflow sensor.

What Is a Mass Airflow Sensor Replacement?

Sometimes the sensor can become dirty or lose the ability to read the amount of air going to the engine and will need to be replaced. This auto repair process will include checking the car's computers and replacing the sensor with a working one.

How Is a Mass Airflow Sensor Replacement Done?

After checking the car's computer for codes and verifying the problem, the sensor (which is located under the hood in the engine's air intake) is removed and replaced with a new one.


To improve the lifespan of your mass airflow sensor, you should routinely check and change your air filters as well as the connectors or wiring harnesses on the airflow sensor. If the check engine light is on, you should contact Wrench for an appointment to assess the problem and avoid driving with an issue.

Symptoms That Indicate You Need a Mass Airflow Sensor Replacement

You'll want to check your mass airflow sensor if you notice the following problems: your check engine light is on, your vehicle doesn't have power, the car isn't starting, it's idling roughly, or the fuel consumption is excessive.


Maintaining and replacing the mass airflow sensor is an important step in your vehicle's upkeep. A sensor that isn't working can lead to poor gas mileage and a lack of power and can cause your vehicle to run poorly or not at all.

Average Cost

The average cost to have the mass airflow sensor replaced is between $200 and $350.

Can I Do It Myself?

The best way to guarantee top-of-the-line work that you can trust is to call Wrench's Mobile Mechanics to take a look at the car and determine what exactly needs to be done to the mass airflow sensor.

Safety: Can I Drive Without Replacing the Mass Airflow Sensor?

Driving with a bad mass airflow sensor is directly related to your vehicle's ability to run safely and smoothly. You'll want to replace the mass airflow sensor as soon as you see signs of it being defective to ensure there's no further damage caused. Make a call to Wrench today to book an appointment with our team of Mobile Mechanics. You and your car will be glad you did.