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Mobile Oxygen Sensor Replacement at Home or Office

If you're a driver who likes to keep the Check Engine light off, you'll want to arrange a mobile oxygen sensor replacement at home or office. It's an important part of your car's engine operation and essential for clean emissions and good gas mileage. Getting it repaired by a Wrench mechanic will let you do it on your time, without the hassles of visiting a repair shop. Our oxygen sensor replacement mobile mechanic, comes to you. To get things started, get your oxygen sensor replacement auto repair estimates on the Wrench website, and schedule the repair at the time and location that work for you. What could be easier?

What is an oxygen sensor replacement?

Sensors are used in the vehicle's exhaust system to tune engine performance and emissions. There are usually several, and eventually they need to be unscrewed from the exhaust system pipes and replaced.

How is a oxygen sensor replacement done?

Each sensor replacement is fairly straightforward, but it may require heating or other techniques to remove the device, as well as some expertise to read vehicle computer codes and locate the appropriate sensor.

Symptoms that indicate you need a oxygen sensor replacement?

In most cases, the car will know there's a problem long before the driver does. In addition to the Check Engine light, fuel consumption will increase, emissions will degrade, and vehicle performance may suffer.


The engine computer relies on the oxygen sensors to adjust engine performance, so the sensors are an important part of the car's operation.

Can I do it myself?

Theoretically you can make this repair yourself, but you'll need a code reader to determine, in most new cars, which oxygen sensor needs replacing, according to the bank number and sensor number. Mechanics have additional scanning equipment to isolate emissions and performance-related problems, which may have several causes. You may find it tricky to access the sensor, and once you do, it may be frozen in place by the high temperatures it experiences, requiring special techniques to remove it. An oxygen sensor replacement may not be the best use of your valuable time, when a Wrench mobile mechanic can do it while you work or relax at home.

Safety: Can I drive without doing an oxygen sensor replacement?

You'll stop more often at gas stations, have problems if your emissions test is due, and have that glaring Check Engine light to deal with, but you're not stuck in your driveway if your oxygen sensor is malfunctioning. It's a great opportunity to schedule a Wrench repair at your convenience and see how easy it is, though.

Contact Wrench today for a quick quote, then schedule your oxygen sensor replacement and any other repairs or diagnostics that you've been meaning to get done.