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Learn about Power Steering Fluid Replacement from Wrench

Mobile Power Steering Fluid Replacement at Home or Office

Your car's hydraulic power steering system only operates if it's full of clean power steering fluid. It circulates throughout the power steering system to provide hydraulic assist whenever you turn the steering wheel. During everyday use, the power steering fluid will deteriorate, just like engine oil, and requires replacement. Contact Wrench for a power steering fluid replacement at your location, on your schedule. Smoother, safer braking will be your result!

What is Power Steering Fluid Replacement?

Power steering fluid is a hydraulic fluid that circulates through the power steering pump and the power steering rack to provide steering assist when you're turning. It breaks down over time and loses its lubricating properties. It can also become contaminated by water or other fluids. If the power steering fluid becomes dark or milky, it's time for it to be changed.

How is Power Steering Fluid Replacement Done?

  1. The mechanic siphons the fluid from the power steering fluid reservoir, often attached to the pump and new fluid is added.
  2. Alternately, the mechanic disconnects a power steering hose and fully drains the power steering system.
  3. New, clean fluid is added to the reservoir.
  4. The mechanic operates the power steering to circulate the clean fluid into the system, pushing out old fluid in the power steering cooler and power steering rack while ensuring the reservoir is always full.
  5. Once clean fluid comes out the disconnected power steering hose, it's reconnected and the reservoir topped up.
  6. The mechanic bleeds the system and performs a road test.


Depending on your manufacturer, power steering replacement should be performed every 30k to 60k miles, or when it looks dark and discoloured.

Symptoms That Indicate You Need A Power Steering Fluid Replacement

  • The fluid appears black, dark brown, or milky.
  • The steering wheel is stiff or difficult to turn.
  • The fluid feels gritty or has flecks of black in it.

We can get your vehicle back to its prime condition while you continue on with your routine. So book an appointment with us today for power steering fluid replacement services and you'll be back on the road before you know it.