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Mobile Serpentine Belt Replacement at Home or Office

If you’re in need of serpentine belt replacement, Wrench can help. Our mobile mechanics make arrangements to provide services at a time and place that is convenient for you, keeping you on the road with minimal impact on your schedule.

What is a serpentine belt replacement?

The serpentine belt winds its way through the engine, connecting multiple components to the crankshaft pulley. This belt, made of strong rubber, eventually wears down and needs to be replaced to keep the engine running properly.

How is a serpentine belt replacement done?

After loosening the tensioner and removing the worn belt, inspect the pumps and idler pulleys for signs of damage. Then, align a new serpentine belt and wind it around the pulleys. Finally, tighten the tensioner to hold it in place.


Since the serpentine belt is exposed to the frequent heat, stress and friction of a running engine, it will eventually fail. This becomes a problem to watch for after 50,000 miles or 5 years of driving. It’s best to replace a damaged belt before it causes damage to the engine components or fails completely, leaving you unable to drive your vehicle.

Symptoms that indicate you need a serpentine belt replacement

Common symptoms of a failing serpentine belt are a squealing noise coming from the engine, and the loss of power steering or air conditioning. A simple way to know is to inspect the belt for cracks, uneven wear or other damage. Or save yourself the trouble, and let our mobile mechanics inspect and diagnose the problem for you.


A functioning serpentine belt is crucial for keeping your car running smoothly. A damaged or broken belt can ruin important engine components, leading to expensive repairs or replacements.

Average cost

A serpentine belt replacement takes about an hour to replace plus the cost of parts. The best way to get a cost estimate is to call Wrench and set up an appointment with our mobile car repair experts.

Can I do it myself?

Like all car maintenance, you may be able to handle a serpentine belt replacement, but this takes time out of your busy schedule. A professional can perform this task efficiently and can also spot other needed repairs that you might overlook. Our mobile mechanics can work with you to get the belt replaced at your convenience.

Safety: Can I drive without doing a serpentine belt replacement?

If your serpentine belt fails, it may become unsafe to drive. You might experience engine overheating or difficulty steering, and if the belt breaks completely, your vehicle will be undriveable after a short while.

Why take a chance on ruining your car’s engine components and becoming stranded, or worse? Wrench has a team of mobile mechanics ready to help.