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Mobile Spark Plugs Replacement at Home or Office

When you need mobile spark plug replacement at your home or office, it’s definitely not a car problem that you can put off. Working spark plugs are extremely important. They provide the spark that ignites the fuel in your engine. If they’re not working properly the engine might not run at all. Thankfully though if you run into spark plug trouble, and you’re left stranded somewhere, Wrench can send our spark plug replacement mobile mechanic directly to you. They will provide you with one of our spark plug replacement auto repair estimates, and then can perform the service right on the spot.

What is a spark plug replacement?

A spark plug replacement is a fairly simple procedure. Our spark plug replacement mobile mechanic will come to your home or office and determine if your current plugs are worn out.

How is a spark plug replacement done?

The spark plug replacement mobile mechanic will first remove the spark plug cable from the top of the spark plug, then unscrew them from the engine and examine them. If they are no longer functioning they will be either coated in a foreign substance or damaged. If the mobile mechanic is unsure if the spark plug is still good or not, they can put the spark plug cable back on the top of the spark plug, ground the bottom of the plug against the frame of the car, and turn the ignition. If the spark plug is working properly there will be a visible spark. If this is not the case the mechanic will install new top of the line spark plugs that will get your vehicle running smoothly again.

Symptoms that you need a spark plug replacement

There are several signs that your spark plugs are beginning to corrode and you might need to perform a spark plug replacement. One of the most common signs is your engine will start to idle roughly. Other common signs include trouble starting the engine in the morning, the engine misfires, it doesn’t accelerate evenly, and poor fuel economy. If you experiencing any of these problems give Wrench a call today. We’ll book an appointment for one of our spark plug replacement mobile mechanics to come down and give you a spark plug replacement auto repair estimate at your home or office.


Seeing as your spark plugs are such a vital component of your it’s important to keep them well maintained. Your owner’s manual should have a recommendation as to how often your spark plugs should be replaced. As soon as soon as you hit that mileage, or you experience any of the above problems, give Wrench a call and schedule an appointment at your home or office with one of our spark plug replacement mobile mechanics.

Average cost

There are several factors that might affect the cost of your spark plug replacement.