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Mobile Suspension Control Arm Replacement at Home or Office

Are you in need of a mobile suspension control arm replacement at your home or office? A Wrench-trained professional can diagnose this problem for you. Wrench can then provide an auto repair estimate and do the replacement at your location.

What is a suspension control arm replacement?

The control arm is an integral part of your vehicle's suspension system and should not be ignored. Control arms, or A-arms, control the motion of wheels so they stay in line with the body of the vehicle. They connect to the frame through components called brushings, and attach to the suspension through the ball joint. Control arms can wear down over time, which means they require replacement. Depending on damage and wear, brushings and ball joints may also need replacing, as they all work together in your vehicle's suspension system. Our professional mobile Wrench mechanics will replace what is needed to get you driving safely and smoothly.

How is a suspension control arm replacement done?

Your mobile Wrench mechanic will inspect your vehicle's control arms to determine which need replacing. Wrench will then give you an auto repair estimate. The control arm will be removed, and a new one will be carefully and effectively installed.


It is recommended that you have your suspension control arm inspected for replacement at 90,000-100,000 miles. If you notice any other signs that your control arms may need replacing, contact Wrench for a mobile diagnosis and auto repair estimate.

What are the symptoms that indicate you need a suspension control arm replacement?

A vibrating steering wheel, a banging noise when traveling over bumps, and excessive tire wear can all be signs that your suspension control arm needs replacing.


Suspension control arms help your vehicle move according to steering from the driver and road conditions. Wear and damage to the control arms means that your vehicle loses some of its control. Your car may pull to one side, requiring constant corrective steering action to keep the vehicle moving in a straight line. This can be especially difficult when travelling on hazardous road conditions, and can be quite dangerous.

Average cost

The cost of control arms varies by vehicle.

Can I do it myself?

Savvy vehicle owners may be able to diagnose when a control arm needs to be replaced, but the safest way to ensure all parts in the suspension system are thoroughly examined and an effective replacement is completed is to contact a Wrench professional.

Safety: Can I drive without doing suspension control arm replacement?

This is not advised. A pulling steering wheel can be dangerous, and an untreated, damaged control arm could cause more damage to other components in the suspension system and wear your tires down quickly. The best thing to do is to call Wrench as soon as symptoms appear. It could save you time and money in future repairs.