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A transfer case is an important part of the vehicle, all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive system, but it's often the most neglected component. In pickup trucks and truck-based SUVs, a transfer case is a large mechanism attached to the rear end of the transmission. It may contain a central differential, low-range gearing and other controls of the system. Transfer case abnormal noises and operation may be caused by a lack of oil, and changing the old fluid-especially contaminated fluid-is a good preventative measure.

What is Transfer Case Fluid Replacement?

Your transfer case is filled with an oil that serves several purposes, and it's known as transfer case fluid. It keeps internal transfer case components cool, well-lubricated, corrosion-free, and prevents wear and tear. When your car is in motion, the chain and gears inside the transfer case splash fluid all around, keeping the inside of the entire transfer case covered in transfer case fluid. Transfer case fluid can be either synthetic or mineral-based gear oil, weighted heavier than engine oil. While your car is driving, the fluid is exposed to heat and friction, which begins to break down the fluid and it loses its lubricating properties. When the fluid has become dark or gritty, around the time of its service interval, it will need to be changed.

How is Transfer Case Fluid Replacement Done?

  1. Park your car in a safe place and make sure you have enough space to work around it.
  2. Raise the vehicle using a floor jack and safely support it on two jack stands.
  3. Working from underneath the vehicle, locate the drain plug at the bottom of the transfer case and place a drain pan underneath.
  4. Locate the filler plug on the side of the transfer case. Clean the filler plug and the area around it using a shop rag; this avoids contaminating the new transfer case fluid. Using a wrench or ratchet and socket, remove the filler plug.
  5. Add the new fluid to the case using a small funnel. Add oil until it reaches the bottom of the filler hole, then reinstall the filler plug but do not over tighten it.
  6. Test the car to ensure proper working order.


Use only the transfer case fluid recommended for your car by the vehicle manufacturer. You may find this information in your car owner's manual or vehicle service manual.

Symptoms That Indicate You Need A Transfer Case Fluid Replacement

  • Repairs have been completed on the transfer case
  • The transfer case fluid is dark and discoloured
  • There's a rattle or grinding noise from underneath your car

If you're in need of transfer case fluid replacement, Wrench can help! Our mobile mechanics make arrangements to provide services at a time and place that is convenient for you, keeping you on the road with minimal impact on your schedule.