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Learn about Trunk Strut Replacement from Wrench

Mobile Trunk Strut Replacement at Home or Office

When you spend lots of time in your car going from point A to point B, it's incredibly important to have a vehicle that suits you and can stand up to all the stress you can throw at it. This means investing time in the kinds of details that might be overlooked by most drivers. A trunk strut replacement, for example, can help you to create great trunk function that will go the distance right along with you. In the past, trunks relied on hinges alone to provide upwards and downwards movement.

What is Trunk Strut Replacement?

Trunk strut assists by maintaining smooth motion when the lid is opened or closed, allowing you to deal with the lid much more easily and smoothly. Plus, the right trunk strut can help you avoid damage because it will prevent the trunk from slamming violently, damaging the trunk itself and/or the cargo inside. The right trunk strut replacement will help to regulate trunk motion by using hydraulics in more or less the same manner as they are employed in your suspension. A trunk strut replacement will result in significant improvements to trunk function – so go ahead and consider one today! Wrench mobile mechanic is always there to help you with professional technical assistance whenever you consider quality car parts.

How is Trunk Strut Replacement Done?

  1. Open the trunk.
  2. Remove the retainer bolts from the top and unscrew lower end of the old shocks.
  3. Remove the weak trunk strut.
  4. Install the new strut. Replacing struts in pairs is recommended.
  5. Remove prop rod.
  6. Inspect and test the trunk to verify the trunk strut repair.


If you don't get your trunk strut replaced, a person opening the trunk could be put in danger. It can cause bodily harm, and as such, should be replaced as soon as a fault is noted.

Symptoms That Indicate You Need A Trunk Strut Replacement

  • Difficult or heavy to lift from the closed position
  • Trunk lid doesn't remain in open position without assistance

Contact Wrench for a trunk strut replacement at your location, on your schedule. Smoother, safer driving experience will be your result!