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The turn signal light is one of the most important components of the lighting assembly. Drivers who are concerned about their safety on the road must ensure that this light is always in tiptop condition. Day and night time driving makes it very necessary to have a working turn signal switch because it is used to give signals to other motorists when turning to another street or direction. The turn signal switch activates this signal light. It is actually connected to a lever that is usually found on the steering column. From its neutral position, the lever is simply moved to the left or to the right, automatically activating the switch in the process. This, in turn, causes either the left or right turn lamp to blink. If the turn signal switch is damaged, there is no way for the driver to show the appropriate signal to preceding or succeeding vehicles. Replacement of the whole turn signal switch is the best solution to this problem. A blinker that doesn't work properly and does not shut off after the turn has been made is clear sign that the switch needs to be replaced.

What is Turn Signal Switch Replacement?

As a car owner, you have to give accurate signals to other motorists, whether you're slowing down, stopping, or making a turn. With the right signals, drivers behind and in front of you can make the appropriate maneuver to avoid bumping into your car. A car sends signals through the turn signal lights located at the four corners of your vehicle. These lights are activated by the turn signal switch located inside the car. This switch is activated by a lever that's installed right in the steering wheel or in a separate assembly near the steering column. Lifting the lever up or pushing it down sends voltage signals to the switch to activate the turn signals lamps. The switch is connected to a cancellation device that automatically brings the lever back in neutral position when the signal light is no longer needed. If your turn signal switch is broken, you have to replace it immediately because without it, you can't operate the turn signal lights.

How is Turn Signal Switch Replacement Done?

  1. Open the hood for access to the battery. Disconnect the battery's positive and negative terminals.
  2. Remove the steering wheel shroud assembly.
  3. Twist the turn signal lever forward and pull it out. Put it in a safe place for later installation.
  4. Disconnect the wiring harness from the back of the switch. Unscrew the two screws holding the switch in place. The multi-switch is ready to be removed.
  5. Screw the new switch to the steering column with a screwdriver.
  6. Plug the wiring harness into the switch.
  7. Attach the lever to the switch. Push the lever into the switch and twist toward the front of the vehicle.
  8. Cap the steering column with the shroud covers.
  9. Reconnect the battery by installing the battery terminals. Test the multi-switch by checking each function to ensure it is installed correctly.


If your turn signal switch does not operate, your mechanic will inspect the fuses and operate the switch a bit to see if they can determine where the problem is.

Symptoms That Indicate You Need A Turn Signal Switch Replacement

  • Brake lights are not working.
  • Unable to change from high to low beam and back.
  • Difficulty in Left or right indicator light.

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