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Mobile Valve Cover Gasket Replacement at Home or Office

When you find that your valve cover is leaking and you just don't have time to take it to a shop, you can have a mobile valve cover gasket replacement at your home or office. Wrench has experienced valve cover replacement specialists who can come to you. You can get a quick auto repair estimate from Wrench for a valve cover gasket replacement Mobile Mechanic to come at a time that's convenient for you.

What Is a Valve Cover Gasket Replacement?

A valve cover gasket replacement is when a mechanic replaces the gasket or barrier between the valve cover and the cylinder head. The valve cover is located at the top of the engine and covers up and protects the camshaft (if your car's engine has an overhead camshaft), the valves, and related components.

How Is a Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Done?

The valve cover is first removed and inspected for any issues, and the existing gasket is then removed. If there's a bracket or obstruction over the valve cover, those items will also need to be removed to provide enough clearance to take off the cover. If the gasket is old and broken, then there's a possibility that it will need to be scraped off the cylinder head. This must be done or the new gasket won't seal correctly and you can end up with leaks.

What Are the Symptoms That Indicate a Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Is Needed?

The most noticeable symptom is that your gasket will be visibly leaking. You'll see these leaks streaming down the cylinder head onto other components. You may also smell burning oil if the leak is bad enough for the oil to hit the exhaust manifold or pipes. When you check your oil, you'll notice the levels dropping significantly over a short period of time.

Can I Drive Without Doing a Valve Cover Gasket Replacement?

Yes, a leaky valve cover gasket doesn't affect the safety and performance of your car. However, if you wait too long, the leak will get worse and leak into crevices and onto components, causing damage. Also, any time hot oil hits your exhaust is a fire hazard. You're also at risk of letting the oil level run too low, which will cause internal engine damage. All of this turns a relatively simple and inexpensive repair into a much more expensive one that could have been prevented.

If your valve cover is leaking, schedule an appointment with Wrench to get a Mobile Mechanic out to you. While it may be tempting to use additives that claim to fix this problem, they can sometimes make things worse. The only real fix is to have the gasket completely replaced. Don't put it off too long, as this problem won't get better and could cause further complications.