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Wheel bearings are used in both the front wheels and the back wheels. Each individual wheel has their own wheel bearing and it is possible for just one of those bearings to wear out while the others are still in good condition. One of the most overlooked yet highly critical parts of the drive-axle and steering assembly are the wheel bearings. Every wheel on your car is attached to a hub and inside this hub is a set of lubricated wheel bearings that allow your tires and wheels to spin freely without building up too much heat.

What is Wheel Bearing Replacement?

A wheel bearing is a set of steel balls held together by a metal ring called a race. They help wheels spin fast with as little friction as possible. They are used on all kinds of vehicles, from bicycles to aircrafts and cars. On a car, a wheel bearing rides on a metal axle shaft and fits tightly inside the hub, which is a hollow chunk of metal at the center of the wheel. The hub holds the lug bolts that you use to bolt the tire onto the wheel. The wheel bearing is pressed into the hub from the back.

How is Wheel Bearing Replacement Done?

  1. Identify the faulty bearing
  2. Remove the wheel and hub
  3. Unbolt or press out the old bearing and fit new bearing
  4. Refit hub to vehicle, and torque correctly
  5. Inspect suspension and braking components and refit wheel
  6. Road test to ensure repair has been carried out successfully


If the car has a substantial number of miles on the failed bearing, 100,000 miles or more, it is a good idea to replace both bearings on the axle at the same time. On older and commercial vehicles, the wheel bearings may be of a serviceable design. These bearings can must be cleaned out and have the wheel bearing grease and seals replaced at set intervals to prevent wheel bearing failure.

Symptoms That Indicate You Need A Wheel Bearing Replacement

  • Vibration through steering wheel when driving
  • Abnormal tire wear
  • Roaring or grinding noise from the tire area

Wheel bearing is an essential part of your car's system. Don't take a chance on it failing. Give Wrench a call today and our team of experts can help you book an appointment and get your car up and running quickly.