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Mobile Wheel Hub Assembly Replacement at Home or Office

Your wheel bearings and hubs are an important part of your vehicle's steering, suspension, and braking systems. Most modern vehicles use a one-piece hub assembly that incorporates the hub, wheel bearing, ABS wheel speed sensor, and mounting flange. Wheel hubs connect the axles, steering knuckles, and the wheels. They are imperative to the steering system because they help support the weight of the vehicle and help turn the wheels.

What is Wheel Hub Assembly Replacement?

The wheel hub holds a vehicle's wheels in place. When properly functioning, the front hub ensures that a vehicle's tires turn freely, that the ABS system works properly, and that fuel efficiency is normal. A rear wheel hub provides a solid mounting point for the rear wheel to bolt onto and ensures smooth rotation at all speeds. The wheel hub assembly is an essential component of any vehicle. If the wheel hub assembly is not in good operational condition, the wheel can separate from the axle. This is an extreme safety hazard, and a repair should never be delayed.

How is Wheel Hub Assembly Replacement Done?

  1. Raise your vehicle and support it on jack stands.
  2. Remove your lug nuts and pull off the wheel.
  3. Remove the brake caliper.
  4. Pull off the brake rotor.
  5. Remove the axle nut.
  6. Lift the new hub into place and thread the bolts by hand.
  7. Tighten the hub bolts to your vehicle manufacturer's recommended torque setting with a torque wrench.
  8. Fasten the axle nut to the axle and tighten it to the recommended torque setting.
  9. Put on the brake caliper bracket. Install the caliper bracket bolts and tighten them to the recommended torque setting.
  10. Put on the brake caliper. Install the caliper bolts and tighten them to the recommended torque setting.
  11. Slide on the wheel and thread the lug nuts by hand.
  12. Lower the vehicle to the ground.
  13. Tighten the lug nuts to the recommended torque setting.


If you suspect that your wheel hub assembly needs to be replaced, you should schedule service from one of our expert mechanics immediately. Replacement of a wheel hub assembly may require specialized tools that are best left operated by professional mechanics.

Symptoms That Indicate You Need A Wheel Hub Assembly Replacement

  • Steering responds slowly
  • Uneven brake application or excessive brake pedal travel before brakes apply
  • Grinding noise from the area of the front hub, located near the center of the vehicle's wheels, underneath the hubcap.

Our mobile mechanics will show up at your home with state-of-the-art tools and equipment to wheel hub assembly replacement service of your vehicle. We have the know-how needed to fix any type of car or truck. When you contact Wrench, we may be able to provide you with a quote over the phone. On the other hand, if you don't know what the issue is, we can investigate and do some diagnostics to get to the bottom of the issue. Our mobile mechanics will treat your vehicle as if it was theirs. You can rest assured that we stand behind the quality of our mechanics' work. Customer satisfaction is a top priority to Wrench and our mobile mechanics.