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Mobile Window Belt Strip Replacement at Home or Office

Window belt strips on a car generally receive little consideration, at least until they begin to crack and break. They're vital for keeping wind and water out of your interior, so if there's a problem, they need to be replaced. It might seem daunting, but it's actually quite an easy job, although it does require Wrench mobile mechanic professional to do it properly.

What is Window Belt Strip Replacement?

Window belt strips are located at the bottom of the window glass. They help your windows move up and down smoothly, and keep the wind and rain outside of your vehicle. Surrounding the windows of your vehicle windows seals play an important role in keeping your cabin comfortable. They not only provide weather resistance and air insulation but also further noise reduction while high-speed driving. Window belt strip can become worn out and therefore they can't fulfill their function properly and let water, rain, wind, and dirt enter your vehicle. A seal leak is a disappointing issue but it happens to many vehicles, especially with age. In this case trustworthy replacement window belt strip are a must.

How is Window Belt Strip Replacement Done?

  1. Locate the window belt strips.
  2. Visually inspect the belt strips for cracking, missing sections or any other damage that would require replacement.
  3. Lower the window to its lowest position.
  4. Using a pocket screwdriver, carefully pry the belt strip away from the door panels.
  5. Once a corner of the belt strip has been pried out, use a pair of needle nose pliers to carefully pull the belt strip out of its position and away from the clips.
  6. Snap the new belt strip into place using the existing clips.
  7. After the belt strip has been installed, roll the window up to ensure proper sealing and fit.


There are many different types of weather seals and strip around your vehicle, and each one works to protect you and your car's interior from the outside elements. Window belt strips also work to keep parts of your car, like the trunk and doors, secure while on the move.

Symptoms That Indicate You Need A Window Belt Strip Replacement

  • Wind noise
  • Retaining heat or AC

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