Picking out the perfect gift for the special car lover in your life can be a difficult task. Buying them a brand new car is too expensive, but you don't want to have to resort to buying another puzzle or mug. Thankfully there are plenty of unique gift ideas out there that your car lover probably doesn't already own. Check out Wrench's list of the top 6 unique car accessories that your car lover is sure to enjoy on the road!


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Driving Gloves

Gloves made to enhance the driving experience have been around for quite a long time, but many car owners don't have a pair. You can choose a pair to match the interior of your car as the most popular colors are tan and black. They often come in leather, which is sure to make your car lover feel as if they were living in the 50's Although they are made of leather, they are still breathable because they are designed with little holes. However, you can opt for a fingerless option too. Every avid car lover should own at least one pair of these to make their driving experience even better!

Rooftop Hammock or Tent

This one is great for car lovers that love the outdoors. If they enjoy camping or lounging around outside, this might be the perfect gift. You are able to buy hammocks or tents that sit right on the roof of your car, getting you even closer to the starry sky. It may seem like a silly gift, but sleeping under the stars in a hammock might be perfect for your car lover!

Rack-Mounted Road Shower

For camping enthusiasts on a road trip, this is a great gift to give. They will be able to go camping for weeks or months without a large, expensive RV, all while remaining clean. These showers hook right onto the back of your car, so find a nice place and lather up! This is also a good gift for beach lovers. They can swim in the ocean or play in the sand, and get back in their car as clean as when they arrived!

Inflatable Car Bed

Going along with the camping theme, and inflatable car bed is perfect for road trips. You won't even need the tent, just get inside your car and lock the doors. These beds can be set up in the back seat so all they will need to do is make sure it's clean in the back. This is also a great gift for emergency situations too! Locked out of the house? Sleep in the car! Forgot to book a hotel room? Sleep in the car. With this gift you absolutely can't go wrong.

Car French Fry Holder or Wheel Desk

Drive thru's are very common, with McDonalds, Burger King, and Taco Bell opening up stores all over the country, your car lover is sure to have a favorite. To minimize messes in your car, accessories have been created to make meals in your car just a little more enjoyable. A french fry holder is great for making your fries easy to access and reduces the likelihood of spilling them. You can also get a wheel desk. It simply attaches to the steering wheel and acts as a table so you can spread out your meal. However, you shouldn't drive while using these accessories. Think of it as a great set up for filming a YouTube video, watching a drive-in movie, or admiring a sunset.

Car Lashes or Mustaches

Everyone could use a good laugh every now and then, if the gifts above don't seem unique enough, facial hair for a car definitely crosses that threshold. You can customize the colors and styles so the car can look just the way you want it. You could even pick options so the car looks more like your favorite car lover. Facial hair for your car will definitely make it easier to spot in a full parking lot, so who knows, maybe this just might be the perfect gift for the holidays!


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