April Fool’s Day is right around the corner and it is important to be prepared! This is the perfect opportunity to have a little fun with a family member, friend, or neighbor who always parks in front of your house. If you are a car enthusiast, this is your chance to get everyone else involved in what you are passionate about, and hopefully, bring a smile to their faces while you’re at it. At Wrench, we are always looking for ways to make our customers happy, whether that be providing high-quality and convenient auto repair services at your doorstep, or giving you inspiration for various car-related pranks. If you are planning on going all out for April Fool’s Day, it is important to be prepared.


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First of all, make sure that you know your audience because you do not want to cause trouble in paradise by playing a “fake broken window” trick on your spouse if you know they scare easily. Additionally, we recommend avoiding pranks that will cause any long-lasting damage to your vehicle, such as giving the car an entirely new paint job or selling someone’s car without their permission. Lastly, if you are not into the pranking thing, but still want to do something fun for the holiday, you could always surprise your spouse with a new set of tires on their car or even just a tune-up. Our ASE-certified mobile mechanics would be happy to help out in any way they can, and although we cannot guarantee they will be able to assist you in planning your next best prank, it couldn’t hurt to ask!

Here is a list of our favorite harmless pranks to play on your car-loving friend. This is a great way to have a little fun on April Fool’s Day without endangering any of your relationships. Fair warning - we cannot be held accountable for any reciprocating pranks your friend may play on you in retaliation, so engage at your own risk! In the unfortunate event that anything goes wrong, do not worry because Wrench will be here to get your car running like new in no time.

Top 6 Harmless Car Pranks For April Fool’s Day

  1. Saran Wrap
    This is perhaps the most classic car prank, but for good reason; it’s hilarious! All you need is a plethora of plastic wrap and a half-hour alone with your friend’s car. Be generous with the Saran wrap, because the more you wrap, the harder it will be for them to get it off when they go to get in their car. Make sure you are standing by when for the big reveal, so you can film their reaction and have a good laugh. This is a great prank, but not very environmentally friendly (what with the abundance of wasted plastic), so if you are concerned about that, keep reading for another equally funny idea. The only warning we have for this one is to get ahold of your friend’s schedule because you do not want to make them late for an important interview or event because they have the unfortunate task of unraveling the plastic around their car like a poorly wrapped present.
  2. Post-It Note Trick
    Another classic, but a great one all the same. If you constantly have pads of Post-Its laying around your office that never get used, this is the perfect prank for you. Get ahold of as many as you can and stick them to every available service on the exterior of the car. This prank is likely going to be time-consuming, so make sure you have an hour or two alone with the car and some good music to jam out to while you work. As long as it takes for you to apply every Post-It note, just keep reminding yourself how good the reaction is going to be. Bonus points if you can use different colored Post-Its to create some sort of design on the car because it would make for a great photo and get an even better reaction out of your target. The best part is, Post-Its will cause no damage to the paint of your car and they can be recycled once the prank has gotten the full attention it deserves.
  3. Bumper Stickers Galore
    Another fun idea for altering the exterior of the vehicle without causing any damage is applying a bunch of funny bumper stickers. Chances are, you have come across some pretty hilarious bumper stickers in your day, that either make you laugh or go, “I am so glad I do not have that on my car.” This is the time to go nuts with any wild stickers you can find, or choose just one that you know will really do the job and apply it in a place that your friend is not likely to see when they get in the car that morning. Then, you can have a nice laugh knowing they have been driving around all day with a bumper sticker that says “My driving scares me too,” or something equally as funny. Our only warning with this prank is to know what you are getting yourself into if you choose to go a political or controversial route. You do not want this to turn into a lecture or heated argument when you were just trying to have a little fun!
  4. Change The Settings
    If you have access to the interior of the car you are pranking, an easy trick is to mess with all of the settings on the car. When we say all settings, we mean all settings. Move the seat all the way forward, turn the air conditioning or heat on full blast, and crank the radio volume all the way up. After your friend, spouse, or sibling has spent several minutes trying to get their seat back into the perfect place, they will get quite the shock when they go to finally turn the car back on. Hopefully, you have set the radio to a heavy metal station and angled all of the vents directly at their face for the full effect. If you live with several other people, they will have an extra fun time trying to figure out which one of their roommates they need to have a chat with when they get home.
  5. Overflowing Objects
    If you happen to have a huge supply of golf balls, ping pong balls, or styrofoam peanuts at your disposal, this is guaranteed to get some good laughs. You will also need access into the target’s car for this one, but it will be worth it to see the look on their face when they open their door and the objects spill out. You could also try this with balloons if you are in a pinch or anything else that you have a plentiful amount of. You may have seen the viral videos of the prank war that has been going on between Jimmy Kimmel and John Krasinki; perhaps most notably, John Krasinki gift wrapping Jimmy Kimmel’s SUV (tires and all) and filling it to the brim with Christmas ornaments for Jimmy to discover when he opened the door. If you have the means to do so, this is a great prank to pull on your best friend or sibling.
  6. Confetti, Confetti, Confetti!
    The last prank we are proposing could cause a great deal of frustration if not attempted on the right person, to proceed at your own risk. All you need for this trick is a bag of confetti and a funnel or empty roll of toilet paper, which will be used to insert the confetti into the air vent. The only other thing to do is turn the air conditioning on full-blast, and then anxiously wait for your friend or spouse to turn the car on. Confetti will blow everywhere and will likely continue to randomly escape the air vent for the foreseeable future. While this will do no damage to your vehicle, it could be damaging to your spouse’s mental state, so make sure you are prepared for their wrath. You may be able to make up for it by offering to vacuum the car after, but we cannot guarantee.

We hope you have a better idea of how to have a little fun this week for April Fool’s Day. If your roommate has been leaving dirty dishes in the sink all month and you need an excuse to get back at them in a harmless way, this is your opportunity! Whatever prank you choose, make sure you are prepared for the consequences you may endure. And of course, do not forget to have your camera out to capture their reaction! Hopefully, the look on their face will be priceless and you can laugh about it for years to come. And who knows, maybe this will be the start of a prank war so epic that it will go more viral than John Krasinki and Jimmy Kimmel’s!

Make sure to check on the Wrench blog for other fun articles, as well as educational resources for how to take care of your car. If you came here for the prank inspiration but are interested in our fantastic auto repair and maintenance services, even better! We are happy to have you. If you have any questions about Wrench or the work we do, feel free to contact our customer service team via email, at hello@wrench.com, or by phone, at 844-997-3624.

Good luck, and happy pranking!


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