Car servicing is just one of the responsibilities of owning a car. Although car servicing and maintenance can seem daunting, it has never been easier with the help of Wrench and our hundreds of ASE-certified technicians. Managing car repair and maintenance is a past worry with mobile technicians who fit into your hectic schedule. Wrench is proud to offer a transparent quote that provides competitive pricing and a total cost breakdown for all of our services. Have you ever wondered what our top five most common auto repair services are? At Wrench, we offer a wide variety of services and repairs at the location of your choice, but below are the top five most common repair services that we perform!

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Wrench's most common services, from diagnostics, oil changes, brake repairs/inspections, and even cooling system repairs
Common Wrench Services

Oil Changes

Depending on your car and oil, the amount of time and miles between oil changes can differ. The way that you drive, as well as the oil you use, can have a direct effect on the time and mileage between oil changes. For this reason, it is essential to keep track of your car and its oil's health to make sure your vehicle stays healthy. If oil is not changed after the proper time, it will sludge up and no longer draw heat from the engine. This may result in the engine overheating, blowing a gasket, or seizing up.

How you drive can significantly impact how often you should get your oil changed. Although having your oil changed too early will not harm your vehicle, it will not benefit it either and will waste your money and time. However, if you take your car mostly on ten miles or fewer trips that do not reach a steady high speed, like on highways, you may need to change your vehicle's oil more frequently to prevent damage. This is because starting your car can be very harsh on the engine. Without reaching and maintaining a high speed, your vehicle's engine cannot get hot enough to boil off the condensation that may have accumulated and can further result in your car's oil breaking down faster.

With the help of synthetic oil, the time and mileage between oil changes can be longer for many newer cars. In addition, synthetic oil performs better than regular oil, although it is more expensive. Therefore, it is essential to talk to your technicians to determine if switching to synthetic oil is beneficial for you and your car and the ideal time and mileage between oil changes.

Wrench is well-versed in oil changes as it is one of the most common services we perform. Getting the oil of your car changed is a regular maintenance step that car owners must take, so make it one step more accessible with the help of Wrench's online booking platform and mobile technicians.

Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic services can range depending on what is plaguing your vehicle. So whether you have a hunch on what is wrong or have no idea, our mobile mechanics are more than prepared to help you. Diagnostic services are one of the five most common services that Wrench performs. Once the problem is diagnosed, our technicians can remedy the problem. Frequently our mobile mechanics can diagnose and fix the problem within just one appointment. Additionally, if a time restraint or part needs to be ordered, a follow-up appointment is simple using our online booking service.

Brake Repairs and Inspections

The brakes on your car play an invaluable role in keeping you and your vehicle safe. Vehicles' brake pads generally need replacement every 10,000 to 20,000 miles, while the rotors last longer. The rotors need replacement 50,000 to 70,000 miles. Both of these parts should be regularly checked to guarantee the health of your car, along with your safety. More information about brakes and their lifespan is readily available here. Brake health is vital to monitor and repair when needed.

Suspension Repairs

Suspension plays an essential role in the overall performance of your vehicle when you drive. The suspension system is the main component in creating a smooth and easy ride when driving. Suspension is essential for a comfortable and non-bumpy drive. Suspension repairs are standard practice at Wrench. Although it is every 50,000 to 80,000 miles before most suspension needs repairs, it is vital to maintain good suspension health. Signs of an unhealthy suspension can materialize in an overly bumpy ride, uneven tire wear, or even oil on your shocks. When the suspension on your car is not providing the performance you want, it is essential to get it checked and repaired if needed.

Cooling System Repairs

The cooling system within your car is the crucial component that keeps the vehicle from overheating. The cooling system allows your vehicle to perform at its best even with high temperatures and long drives, so it is essential to maintain the system. It keeps the engine from overheating and allows the engine to heat up, which is beneficial to your vehicle, as cars run better when they aren't cold. Leaks and failures are common problems in the cooling system that can be easily fixed with repairs. Wrench makes it easier than ever to repair whatever issue is present within your vehicle's cooling system.

Oil changes, diagnostic services, brake repairs and inspections, suspension repair, and cooling system repairs are all standard practices at Wrench. With the hundreds of markets that we offer across the country, Wrench and our mobile mechanics are easily accessible. With our online servicing platform, booking a repair or maintenance appointment is easy. You can choose the date, time, and location for your servicing, allowing extra flexibility. Wrench can provide repairs and maintenance almost anywhere; whether that's at your house so you can catch up on a new hit television series or at your work, so your day goes uninterrupted, Wrench is here to make your life easier. Get started today with the button at the top or bottom of this page!

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