Car maintenance and repairs can seem overwhelming, but not with Wrench! Wrench makes it possible to book a mobile auto technician that is ready to service your car at the location of your choosing. With hundreds of ASE-certified technicians across the country, car servicing has never been more straightforward. With Wrench, you get a one-of-a-kind customer service experience, as well as affordable and transparent prices. Our technicians are carefully screened before joining our team to guarantee they are up to our high standards. All of our technicians play an invaluable role in our group, making Wrench the outstanding company it is!

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With our quick expansion and broadening markets, we like to take the time each week to spotlight one of our exceptional technicians on our blog and social media. This week that technician is Vance Weiland! Vance services the Portland, Oregon area with his experience and expertise in the car industry. Below, you have the chance to get to know Vance a little better, as well as some of the glowing praise that some of our customers had about him!

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Vance W. 

Below is more information about Vance W., how he got his start in the car industry, advice, what he likes about Wrench as well as what our customers have had to say about his service!

Wrench is in Portland, Oregon

Vance is one of our great technicians located in the Portland area. If you or someone you know lives in Portland, you may be lucky enough to get an appointment with Vance.

Our mobile technicians make servicing your vehicle more straightforward than ever. When booking, you will have the ability to choose the date, time, and location of your appointment. The only thing that we ask when picking a place is that you select an area that is safe and flat so that our technicians can complete your service effectively and efficiently. Aside from that, you have complete control of the site where your car will be serviced. Whether at home so you can binge the newest hit show or at your job so that your workday can go uninterrupted, our technicians are ready to help. Even restaurants or movie theaters are popular places for service!

Wrench has mobile technicians in over 50 other major metropolitan areas across the country. Getting started is easy with our user-friendly online booking system. Then, whether you need scheduled maintenance or a repair, Wrench is here to help!

More about Vance!

Vance's interest in the car industry started at a very young age. In high school, he was able to hone this interest in automotive class. He put his interest and skills into repairs he did on his own on his first car. He excelled as an apprentice and became an ASE master tech. Since then, he has continued his career in the automotive industry.

Working with Wrench

Although he has only been part of the Wrench team for three months, we couldn't be happier to have him. With his eight and a half years of experience in the automotive industry, he is highly knowledgeable and is an excellent asset to the team. Vance's most memorable service call was helping a woman with her mid-2000's Mazda 6. Even on the cold day, Vance was able to work quickly, diagnose, and fix the problem. He notes that the woman in the act of gratitude presented him with warm coffee, which was especially appreciated in the cold weather.

During his time at Wrench, Vance has left a great impression on clients who have had the luck to have him as their technician. Many praise him for his range of knowledge regarding cars and repairs. Below are just a few of the glowing reviews that Vance has received during his time at Wrench!

"Vance was an excellent technician. He was early to the appointment, called when he arrived and quickly completed the service. He even inspected a flat tire on a separate vehicle for us, and we were able to get back on the road and seeing our patients in no time (in both cars). Thank you, Vance." -Ellie W
"Vance did a great job and explained everything in great detail. I would recommend his service and hope he can return when my next service is due." -Noah R
"Vance is the man; he helped me figure out my vehicle's problem in a concise amount of time. If I could, I'd give him 50 stars. Man's a genius." -Gerald M

Vance's time in the automotive industry has provided him with invaluable knowledge and skills. When asked what he liked about being a mobile technician, Vance responded:

"I love that I have the freedom, to be honest with customers about the repairs that they need now & which ones can wait a few months. As a result, they don't feel pressured. I've noticed that even when the customer's situation is not ideal, the level of transparency from talking directly to me builds a huge amount of trust. This is something I think most auto repair companies could learn from."

The honesty that Vance exhibits with all of his customers is one of the things that makes him so unique. Wrench as a company prides itself on being transparent and honest with our customers, and Vance is doing precisely that!

How to Book an Appointment with Wrench's Mobile Technicians

If you are interested in booking an appointment with Wrench, the buttons at the top and bottom of this page that read "Get a free quote" will lead you directly to our online booking platform. Here, you will be asked to provide your vehicle's VIN or manually input the year, make, and model. Once this is completed, you will choose the service you require. If you are unsure, Wrench offers diagnostic services to diagnose and remedy any problem you may have. Now that you have selected a service, we will provide you with a transparent repair or maintenance quote. It will be auto-generated and include a breakdown of the cost for parts and labor. Additionally, we will have a time estimate for your service!

All that is left to do at this point is choose the date, time, and location that is most convenient for you. Then, we will match you up with a mobile technician in your area. You will not be charged until the service is completed to guarantee absolute satisfaction!

Car maintenance and repairs have never been easier. So get started today with Wrench!

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