We all know we shouldn't put the wrong gas in our cars. But how bad is it and what should we do when we make a mistake? Depending on the exact circumstances, it could be extremely serious, or you could continue on with your day. We will break down exactly what your should do if you put the wrong gas in your car.


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Putting Diesel in a Gas Car

If you put diesel fuel in a car that is supposed to have gasoline, you should avoid driving it until you are able to get your tank emptied. If you happened to notice it while you were filling up, do a quick google search for the nearest facility that offer this service. You might need to get your car towed to that facility, but both of these costs are well worth it. If you drive your gas car with diesel in it, it could end up damaging the car. Replacing these parts is much more expensive than a tow truck and emptying the tank.

Putting Gas in a Diesel Car

Putting gas in a diesel car is a lot more serious. Since diesel fuel is a lubricating agent, driving your car with gasoline in it could destroy many different internal parts of your car. Hopefully you noticed this mistake before you started driving! If so, just find a facility to empty your tank and have that done as soon as possible. Do not turn on or start your car because the damage could happen very fast.
If you were a little too late and noticed this after you started your car, pull over and get towed to a facility to have your tank emptied right away. The sooner you stop driving and turn off your car, the less damage may have occurred. The difference between this and the previous situation is that the damage can be a lot worse and can happen even faster.

What Are The Different Kinds of Gas?

If you are sitting at a gas station, you have probably noticed that there are 3 different kinds of gas. Each kind of gas has a different level of Octane. The lowest level or "regular gas" is 87, the middle or "plus gas" is 89, and the highest level of Octane or "premium gas" had 91. Typically you want to use the type of gas that works best for your car. If you have been driving your car for a while, you probably know what kind of gas to use. However, if you are borrowing a car or just got a new one and are unsure, just check the manufacturer recommendations.
If you put in the wrong type of gas, it isn't the end of the world. You just shouldn't do it continuously! Premium gas is more expensive than regular gas, so if your car doesn't need premium, don't use it! You don't want to waste your money and using higher Octane leveled gas won't improve your cars performance. If you put regular gas in a car that needs premium, then you might experience something called "engine knocking." Over time this can damage your car, so it's best to put in the right type of gas. The premium gas in this case will improve your cars performance.

Overall, try your best to put in the right kind of gas. This will save you time, money, and stress in the future. But if you mess up, don't be too hard on yourself! Here at Wrench, we don't offer tank emptying services but if you need any other services, repair or maintenance, book an appointment with us. Our skilled mobile mechanics can bring the shop right to you, whether that be in you driveway or the grocery store parking lot. We look forward to servicing your car soon!


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