Noticing a weird sound when you brake suddenly? Driving a used car and unsure how to tell if the previous owner took proper care of the car? Wondering if it is time to get new brakes? Wrench is here to help you make an informed decision about the status of your car’s brakes to keep you safe on the road for years to come. The best thing you can do for your car is follow the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual and listen to your car when it is trying to tell you something. If you think that there may be an issue with your brakes or if you are behind on vehicle maintenance, schedule an appointment with a Wrench mobile technician today. At Wrench, your safety is our top priority, which is why our ASE-certified mechanics will come to your home or place of work to fix your car so you do not have to worry about taking your car to a shop. If you are unsure how to tell if it is time for new brakes, we will do our best to explain how you can find out.


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If you drive a used car or are thinking about buying one in the near future, it is very important to get a complete history of all work that has been done to the car. You need to know if and when the car’s brakes were replaced so you do not find yourself in a situation where the brakes fail due to faulty maintenance, or you have to pay an unnecessary amount of money for a replacement that you did not know you needed. For more information on buying and maintaining used cars, check out the Wrench blog. With the recent addition of Lemon Squad to the Wrench team, we now offer pre-purchase inspections nationwide! If you were looking for a sign to buy a used car, this is it. Not only does Wrench have the tools to help you choose the right used car, we will keep your car running smoothly for years to come.

How long do brakes last?

Unlike a car’s engine, which can often last the entire lifetime of the car, brakes usually need to be replaced somewhere around 50,000 miles. This is a very rough estimate as every car is different, and some brakes will not need replacing until the car has well over 80,000 miles on it. There are many things that influence the lifespan of your car’s brakes, including driving habits, brake quality, and where you spend the majority of your time driving. Accelerating and braking quickly has proven to cause more wear and tear on the brakes and can impact other features on your car as well, including fuel efficiency. The environment that you drive in can also impact the wear and tear of your brakes; if you spend a lot of time driving in the city and are having to brake often, this can shorten the lifespan of the brakes due to overuse. Offroading and mountainous terrains can also cause the brakes to wear quicker than they would if you were doing more highway driving.

How do I tell if it is time to get my brakes replaced?

There are various reasons why you may need to get your brakes replaced so it is important to be mindful of what to look and listen for. Worn down brake pads will cause an unpleasant screeching noise when braking. You should be able to hear this with the windows up, so make sure that you do not have music blasting at all times when in the car. If the sound is more like a grinding or scraping noise, this could mean that the brake pads have worn all the way down to the brake discs, which is dangerous and should be tended to immediately. If you sense that your brakes are not working the way you are used to or if there is any vibrating sensation when braking, this may also be a sign that it is time for new brakes and it is in your best interest to have your car looked at by a Wrench mobile technician in the near future.  

We hope that you have learned more about how to tell if it is time for new brakes and why it is important to be mindful of your car’s performance especially when it comes to something as important as brakes. Remember, if at any point something seems off about your car, even if it may be nothing, a Wrench mobile technician is happy to come take a look without inconveniencing you from your everyday life. When it comes to car maintenance, it is always better to be safe than sorry so you do not run the risk of putting yourself or anyone else in danger. If you have any other questions about our services or using Wrench during a global pandemic, feel free to talk to our customer service team through email, at, or by phone, at 844-997-3624.


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