Nobody wants car problems, but when an issue arises, such as a failing turn signal bulb, it needs to get resolved quickly. Most car owners put off auto repair services as long as possible.


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If you are unfamiliar with the automotive world, you might be wondering: What exactly is the turn signal bulb?

The turn signal bulb, also known as a blinker, is a light that allows you to signal the direction you plan to go to other drivers. They are commonly referred to as "blinkers" because the light switches on and off on the left or right side of your vehicle, in your headlights and taillights.

Without the turn signal light, others won't know when you plan to turn or switch lanes, which can result in a collision.

How Long Should My Turn Signal Bulb Last?

Typically, turn signal bulbs should last around 4,000 hours. This means, the more you use it, the sooner it will begin to fail.

Over time, it is inevitable that you will need to replace your turn signal bulb, so it is important that you ensure it is working at all times. We recommend checking on your turn signal light every time you get into your car, but we know that is unrealistic. As long as you pay attention to the road and notice when drivers stop responding to your turn signal, you should be fine to drive your car.

Signs You Need A New Turn Signal Bulb:

  • Other Drivers Don't Respond To Your Turn Signal
    The first sign that most drivers notice while on the road is that other drivers don't respond when attempting to use their turn signal. As a common courtesy, most drivers will slow down to allow another car with their turn signal on to come into their lane. If the car next to you doesn't make an attempt to let you into their lane once, it could be nothing. But if you are noticing a pattern, you might want to pull over and check your turn signal lights.
  • The Light Doesn't Illuminate
    When you pull over to check your lights, they should both illuminate. If one or both of your turn signal lights doesn't turn on when you pull the turn signal lever by your steering wheel, your bulb may have burnt out.
  • Turn Signal Light Is Dim
    If your lights are dimming, you might not notice right away. This can often be one of the first signs that your turn signal bulb is about to burn out but hasn't completely failed yet. If you notice a dim turn signal light, you can be proactive and replace your bulb before it burns out, or you can continue to monitor your bulb and replace it later on.
  • Your Hazard Lights Don't Work
    It is important to mention that your turn signal bulb is used for your hazard lights. Hazard lights signal to other drivers that your car is having a problem. If you are pulled over on the side of the road, they tell drivers to steer clear of your car.

Other Common Problems With Turn Signals

If your turn signal light isn't working, there could be another issue going on. If you or your mechanic determine that the bulb is working fine, you might have an electrical problem.

Most turn signals automatically switch off after you have completed a turn. If yours doesn't switch off after turning, there might be a problem with your car.

You might notice that your lights are blinking too fast or too slow. While this is a minor problem, it can be very annoying. If you are experiencing this issue, contact a local mechanic or technician to see what they can do to help.

Mobile Turn Signal Bulb Replacement Near You

If you are looking for an auto repair shop near you that can replace your turn signal bulb, consider using a mobile mechanic! Mobile mechanics, or mobile technicians, travel to your location to repair your car. You can get routine maintenance services such as an oil change or tire rotation right in your driveway or office parking lot!

Here at Wrench, we have hundreds of mobile technicians all over the country that are bringing quality repairs and peace of mind to any car owner that chooses to work with us.

While any mechanic can replace your turn signal bulbs, we can make your auto repair experience more convenient, saving you precious time and money. Try our mobile turn signal bulb replacement services today and book your appointment online!

How To Book A Mobile Turn Signal Bulb Replacement With Wrench

Booking a mobile turn signal bulb replacement with Wrench is super simple! Just visit our website by clicking the "Get A Free Quote" button below or download our mobile app. All you will need to do is give us some information about your car and its needs so we can prepare for your appointment and provide you with an accurate quote.

If you have an account with us already, sign in and you will pick a car from your account to receive the turn signal bulb replacement. You can also add a new vehicle to your account at any time. By signing into your account, the booking process will be faster, and we will have more information about your previous repairs with us.

But don't worry if you are new to Wrench! We will give you the same high-quality repairs and services that we would give to our previous customers. As a new user, you have the option of creating an account or booking an appointment as a guest. We recommend creating an account so we can save your car's information, making the booking process for future repairs a lot faster, but it isn't required.

Either way, we will need to know what kind of car you have. You should be prepared to give us details about your vehicle such as the year, make, and model. We will also ask for the VIN and license plate number. This information will allow us to match you up with the most qualified technician in your area. For example, if you have a Ford, we will send a technician skilled at repairing that specific automaker.

Not only will you receive the fastest and most reliable services from that technician, but you will also have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in experienced hands.

Once we know what kind of car you have, you will pick the services you need. You can request just a turn signal bulb replacement, or you can add a variety of other services. Our mobile technicians are able to perform whatever services you need, whether that be routine maintenance or more complex repairs.

Then we will use the information to provide you with a free and accurate auto repair quote.

After you have looked over our quote, you will pick a date, time, and location for your mobile turn signal repair service, and we will send a confirmation email shortly.

In no time, your turn signals will be working, and it will be safe for you to get back on the road!


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