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This week, we are spotlighting Connor F. Connor is one of our mobile technicians in Atlanta, Georgia, so if you live in the area, you might be lucky enough to get a mobile repair or maintenance service with him!

Connor's customers rave about his services, and that doesn't go unnoticed. Customers have said he is friendly, informative, and patient. If you are looking for a mobile technician with those qualities, Connor is the perfect tech for you!

Wrench Mobile Mechanic Customer Review For Mobile Technician

Connor's Experience In The Automotive Industry

Connor has a lot of experience under his belt! He has been working in the automotive industry for the past 6 years, but he has also grown up around all kinds of vehicles. Ever since he can remember, he has been around cars!

The majority of Connor's family are mechanics. So he has been around many makes and models, and even rare vehicles! He also credits the movie Fast And Furious as additional inspiration for becoming a mobile mechanic.

In his professional life, he has worked for a forklift repair shop, two dealerships, and a performance car shop. He has a lot of experience working on Nissan's and Toyota's, but he can handle every challenge thrown his way.

When it comes to being a mechanic, he puts customer service at the top of his priorities. This is one of the reason's why Connor's customers enjoy his services.

"I like being able to put the customer's mind at ease. I always tell the customers upfront what I'm going to look for and what can be the causes of it. As soon as I find the issue, I let them know and show them if I can. I explain what the part is, what it does, why it's not working correctly, and how to replace it. Especially on big labor jobs, I always tell them what has to be done to replace it, so they know where the labor time is going. This way, the customer is at ease and doesn't think I'm going to rip them off. I'm always transparent with customers, and it usually serves me well." - Connor F.
Customer Review For Wrench Mobile Technician In Atlanta, Georgia

Working With Wrench

Connor has been working with Wrench since May of 2021. There are many reasons why he enjoys being a mobile mechanic, such as working directly with his customers and traveling around Atlanta, and learning more about the area.

Out of all of his mobile service calls so far, he has one that is particularly memorable.

"I had a diagnostic call on a 76 Pontiac Trans Am. The issue was it wasn't running, and he said he's had multiple mechanics look at it. Nobody could figure it out. I ended up having the engine running and idling within 15 minutes of arriving there. I spent the rest of the hour talking with the customer about his car and helping him install a few additional pieces. He also invited me in his house to look at the mural of a lion that he painted on the car's hood. A few weeks later, I got called back out and he said he couldn't get it running again and another had tech looked at it too. He said he called Wrench and said he wanted me and no one else to look at his car. When I showed up the second time, I got it running quickly and showed him how to prime the mechanical fuel pump. I also helped him install more trim pieces on the car. The customer was super happy and said to expect to see him again soon for more work on the car. He was probably the nicest and coolest customer I've ever had. He was also "mad at me" because I no longer work out of my '06 Infiniti G35. When he set up the second appointment, he wanted "the guy in the blue sports car" and got mad when I showed up in my work truck. I look forward to seeing this customer again soon!"

Advice From Connor

"I always tell customers that they should look at their owners manual and find their recommended maintenance chart. I tell them to keep up with the recommended service and you shouldn't have any issues with the vehicle. The main maintenance item I tell customers to look for is the transmission fluid flush. I let them know, especially with CVT transmission, that the transmission flush will keep their transmission going for many miles. If it's not changed, the transmission will not last very long." - Connor F.
Best Mobile Mechanic Customer Review In Atlanta, Georgia

Mobile Technicians In Atlanta

We have a whole team of mobile technicians in Atlanta, Georgia, that are ready to get you back on the road. Whether you have an appointment with Connor, or another qualified technician, we will save you time, money, and energy!

Our mobile technicians in Atlanta can travel all over the greater metropolitan area. Whether it be your home or office, Wrench will come to you! All we ask is that you choose a safe and relatively flat location for our tech to work. In no time, you will be ready to cruise along the highway once again.

Book an appointment with one of our skilled mobile technicians to repair your car in downtown Atlanta, Lawrenceville, Marietta, Decatur, Jonesboro, or Canton, Wrench is at your service!

How To Book An Appointment With Wrench

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We will need to know basic information about your vehicle in order to match you up with the right technician. Once we verify your zip code to ensure that we are able to service your vehicle, you will need to provide the year, make, and model. Then, you will pick the services that your car needs.

We will use the information you provide to calculate an honest and accurate auto repair quote. This quote will break down the total cost of your mobile auto repair service, including both parts and labor. You can look over the quote before finalizing your appointment to ensure that you know exactly what to expect. Once you have approved the quote, you will pick the date, time, and location of your auto repair or maintenance service with Wrench.

Then we will send a mobile technician to your chosen location, and they will arrive on time and prepared to assist you.

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