Many car owners can tell when they have a problem with their car door's weather stripping even if they don't know what it is. You might notice that water is leaking into your car, or maybe you have waited until you can actually see a crack in your door's seal. If your weather stripping has gone bad, it's just a matter of time before other problems begin to arise such as water damage to your interior or even mold and rust.


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So you might be wondering, what is weather stripping, when should I replace it, how can I prevent problems with it, and what are my options to replace it? Keep reading our tips and tricks when it comes to your car door's weather stripping to find out!

What is Weather Stripping?

The weather stripping in your car is the rubber material around the edges of the doors and windows. Its purpose is to create a seal so that water, noise, and other debris don't come inside your car. If your car's weather stripping is damaged, you might notice some signs that you need to get it replaced. Without this seal, dirt, mud, water, and other things can get into your car. This alone can cause a variety of problems such as mold or rust inside your car.

Like other parts of your car, you need to take care of your car's weather stripping to ensure that it is doing the job it's meant to do. To care for your car's weather stripping, we recommend you have one of our mobile mechanics take a look at your weather stripping whenever you receive your regular maintenance services.

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Signs You Need To Replace Your Car's Weather Stripping

  • Loud Noise From The Road
    When you are driving, you might be used to hearing a little bit of noise coming from the road. However, if the noise becomes louder all of a sudden, this could be a sign that there is damage to your car's weather stripping. To get rid of the noise and ensure that your car's interior stays safe from the changing weather conditions, you will need to get your car's weather stripping replaced as soon as possible.
  • Leaks
    This is probably the most common sign of damaged weather stripping. If you have ever driven in the rain, you know that water is not supposed to come inside your car. This is because of the weather stripping around your doors and windows. If there is damage to the weather stripping, water might begin to leak inside your car. This can cause a lot of issues in the future if you wait too long to get it fixed. If puddles begin to build up inside your car, mold can form and cause many health issues for you and your passengers. Not to mention that your car will most likely begin to smell bad if you don't get your weather stripping replaced in a timely manner.
  • Car Doesn't Retain Heat
    Another common story we hear from our customers who have damaged weather stripping goes something like this:
    "I got inside my car and it was freezing so I blasted the heat. Once I got up to a comfortable temperature, I turned the heat down, and then a few minutes later my car was freezing again. For some reason, my car won't stay warm for very long."
    If you are in a similar situation, there is most likely a problem with your weather stripping. The seal created by the weather stripping is meant to keep the heat inside your car. If your car doesn't retain heat like it normally does, this means the heat might be sneaking through a hole or crack in your car's weather stripping.
  • Visible Cracks Or Holes In The Rubber
    There shouldn't be any cracks or holes in the rubber around your car's door or window. These holes can cause other issues, so it's always best to inspect your weather stripping before it actually begins to cause problems. You should make sure you check the weather stripping around every door and window. Make a note if you see any cracks or holes. You could even take a picture of it to document it, making it easy to compare your weather stripping as it gets older.
  • The Rubber Isn't Bouncy And Is Hard Or Brittle
    The rubber should be bouncy and create a nice seal between the interior of your car and the outside world. If it isn't bouncy, it might be hard or even brittle when you touch it. If your weather stripping is hard or brittle, it's probably not doing its job correctly and you will need to get it replaced.
  • Your Car Is 25 Years Old And Has The Original Weather Stripping
    With all the symptoms listed above, we recommend getting your weather stripping replaced once it is 25 years old because the odds of developing issues when it gets old increases significantly. Luckily for you, Wrench offers convenient weather stripping replacement services at any location of your choice such as your home or office. While our mobile mechanic replaces your car's weather stripping, you will be able to spend your time doing other things. Book an appointment with our mobile mechanics today!

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How To Prevent My Door's Weather Stripping From Leaking

While your car's weather stripping will need to get replaced if you are already noticing issues, there are ways for you to care for your car's weather stripping at home. Your car's weather stripping is a very important part of your vehicle, so taking a few minutes to show it some love will pay off in the future. Here is what you can do to take care of your car's weather stripping!

The first thing you will want to do is properly clean your car's weather stripping. You will want to clean the weather stripping regularly. To make it easy, you can just include a few extra steps to your normal car washing routine and you will be good to go! Here's what you will need to do when you are washing your weather stripping:

  • Fill up a bucket with warm water and a small amount of detergent.
  • Grab a cloth or soft sponge and begin gently scrubbing the rubber seals. Make sure you remove any dirt and debris.
  • Rinse the weather stripping thoroughly, making sure you don't leave any soap or suds behind.
  • Let the weather stripping dry with the car doors open.
  • As soon as your weather stripping is thoroughly dry, meaning you can touch it and feel no water left behind, you can close your doors and go on with your usual routine.

The next thing you will want to do is condition your weather stripping. We recommend doing this every time you wash your car, just adding another step to your car-cleaning routine, but doing it just once a year will make a huge difference in the longevity of your car's weather stripping. Here is how you can condition your car's weather stripping:

  • Purchase a spray that is designed to condition weather stripping in your car. You can easily go to any auto parts store, or you can ask one of our mobile mechanics for recommendations when you book your next auto repair or maintenance service with us.
  • After you wash the weather stripping and allow it to dry completely, spray a good amount of the conditioning spray on a clean, dry cloth.
  • Wipe the cloth with the conditioning spray on the rubber seal. Make sure to get the entire surface, including any cracks and crevices.

Cleaning and conditioning your car's weather stripping may seem a little unnecessary to many car owners, but we will assure you that you would rather add in a couple of steps to your car washing routine than have to spend hundreds of dollars on replacing your car's ruined interior after a water leak or having to spend the energy replacing the weather stripping yourself.

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Mobile Door Weather Stripping Replacement

To receive a convenient door weather stripping replacement service, book an appointment with Wrench's qualified mobile mechanics. Here at Wrench, we are committed to improving the general auto repair experience by bringing our services to your preferred location. That means you will be able to get your door weather stripping replaced at your home, office, or any other location in your town. Let us get your vehicle back on the road in the most convenient and efficient way possible by booking a door weather stripping replacement appointment with Wrench today!

We are looking forward to replacing your door weather stripping and providing you with any other essential auto repair or maintenance services soon!

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