So you stayed home for weeks, maybe even months and didn't drive your car. Now, you need to go pick up something and your car won't start. Don't worry, this problem can be fixed!


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You have probably heard people tell you that you need to drive your car every once and a while if it will be sitting for a long time. It's true! Sure, you might be able to get away with letting it sit and it will be perfectly fine but that's not the case all the time. To avoid having problems with starting your car, make sure to drive it a few times a month for at least 15 minutes. If possible, you wan't to hit a highway rather than a city street so you can reach 50 mph.

Why Should I Drive My Car When It's Been Sitting?

Over time, letting a car sit without use can cause both short term and long term damage. To keep your car happy and healthy, take it out for a spin! If you don't drive your car enough, the following things could happen to your car!

  • Your Battery Will Lose Its Charge.
    This is probably the reason your car won't start. If your car sits for weeks or months, your car battery will slowly drain itself and starting your car will drain it even more! The only way to recharge your battery is to drive it. You want to make sure you fully charge your battery, so don't just drive around your neighborhood. It's best to hit higher speeds.
  • Your Tires Might Develop Flat Spots.
    Flat spots on your tires occur quite often if the car has been sitting for a long period of time. If your car has been sitting, the tires will slowly lose air pressure. This is an even bigger problem if your area has cold weather! Eventually the air pressure will get really low and the weight of your car pressing down will cause flat spots. If you drive your car and add air pressure when needed, you can easily avoid having to deal with flat spots.
  • Animals Might Live In Your Car.
    For some reason, animals love sedentary cars. If you don't drive your car and scare off the animals, they might turn the hood of your car into their home. The exhaust pipe is also a popular hiding place for rats, mice, or any other critter you might find in your garage. If they get hungry, they might chew on wires and prevent your car from starting.
  • The Weather Could Ruin Your Exterior.
    Depending on where you park your car, you might deal with some weather issues. It's best to have your car covered, preferably in a garage, but that isn't always possible. Driving your car is good for getting off all the gunk that may build up. If you get a layer of dirt, pollen, leaves, or even snow, you want to occasionally clear it off. Leaving things on your vehicle can lead to rust or corrosion, to protect your car and keep it clean.
  • Your Gas Tank Might Collect Moisture.
    Moisture loves to build up in the gas tank if you don't drive your car, especially if the gas tank isn't completely full. This is really bad for your car because it can lead to corrosion and that will cause even bigger, pricer problems. To avoid this, drive your car every once and a while and make sure the gas tank is full!

It's Too Late - What Can I Do Now?

If you already waited too long and you are having problems starting your car, don't worry! Wrench's skilled mobile technicians are standing by in case of problems like this. You can book your appointment with us and we will send a technician to you. We will get your car up and running in no time!


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