The alternator is a crucial component to keeping your car going and possibly the most important part besides the engine itself. Its job is relatively simple, even if it is done in a complex way, but essentially what the alternator does is that it takes mechanical energy and turns it into electricity. This is then used to supply several components in your car, like the motor that recharges your battery. Without an alternator, your vehicle will start to degrade in performance and might even have issues starting. If you are suspicious of possibly having a bad alternator, get it checked out as soon as possible before more neighboring components get affected too. Taking the extra step in keeping your vehicle up to date will save you time and money when you don't have to fix one issue after another due to a chain reaction of compromised parts failing. Wrench has made it easy to get your car diagnosed by simply clicking on the button below for a free quote.

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Signs of a Bad Alternator

Unless you have an ODB meter, knowing exactly what issue your car is dealing with can be complex, but luckily you can look out for symptoms that can help you understand better what's going on under the hood. Like most parts inside a car, the alternator works with other essential parts such as the battery, starter, and engine. Without a properly functioning alternator, you'll soon start seeing other issues arise, mainly with electronics such as lights. Here are the most common symptoms to look out for; if you suspect your alternator needs replacement, book an appointment with Wrench before it worsens.

Headlights are Inconsistent
Headlights and other electronics start acting up when an alternator needs replacement because the voltages it produces become inconsistent; whether under or overcharging equipment, the headlights will start being either dim or dim extra bright. Flickering of lights can also be common, so it is important to note how your lights act when starting the vehicle; it might need repair.

Dashboard Lights Appear
If your battery warning light appears, it can be a common misconception that the issue is with the battery, but it could possibly be the alternator at fault. The battery warning is to let the driver know that there is an issue with the vehicle's electrical system. This could be because the alternator is producing too much or too little voltage.

Weird Noises and Smells
Unfortunately, cars make all kinds of noises all the time, and pinpointing the issue, well, that can be not easy. In a situation where the alternator is being overworked, you will most likely hear or smell the driver belt due to its stress. The smell could be due to the constant pressure from the tension and being close to a scorching engine, and the belt is misaligned, which could also be the cause for the whining noise.

Stalling or Trouble Starting
The alternator's job is to charge your battery, so when a car fails to turn on, it could be a sign to replace the alternator. When stalling occurs, the main culprits most likely are the alternator, battery, spark plugs, or even starter. If your vehicle is constantly stalling while driving, it most likely will be the spark plugs that need replacement.

Signs of a Bad Alternator
Signs of a Bad Alternator

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