As the seasons change, you need to keep up on your regular maintenance services to prepare your vehicle for the weather changes. The beginning of spring is a perfect time to check off those services you've been putting off. Spend a day or two checking different parts of your car and making the interior and exterior squeaky clean and you will be all set to tackle the upcoming months!


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If you don't have the time to spare to check your car, book an appointment with Wrench! Our ASE-certified mobile mechanics will bring the shop to you so you don't have to change your usual routine one bit. That way, you will be able to spend some time cleaning other areas of your home or office while we ensure that your car is in great condition. Our skilled mobile mechanics will treat your car with the love and respect it deserves, so book an appointment with us today!

Spring Car Maintenance Checklist:

  • Wash Interior and Exterior
    Spend some time wiping down the hard surfaces inside your car, throwing away trash, and organizing. Get a new air freshener and vacuum out all of the dirt that may have accumulated over the winter. Keep up with this maintenance to prevent mold from growing.
    For the exterior, make sure you give your car a good wash. Scrub down the body and the wheels so all of the road salt is gone. Salt from the road can corrode many parts of your car and even ruin the paint job. Wash it off now before it becomes a problem.
  • Replace Windshield Wiper Blades
    After wiping off all the snow and ice from the winter months, your windshield wipers are probably worn out. If they are, replace them! While you're at it, top off your windshield wiper fluid. You'd rather be a little ahead of your service schedule than a little too late.
  • Check Tire Pressure and Thread
    Temperature can change the tire pressure a lot! So when the cold goes away and the sun starts coming out, make sure you check your tire pressure. You don't want to let it get too low! While you are looking at the tire pressure, you might as well check the tire tread to see if you need new tires.
    To check the tread of your tires, you can do the penny test at home! Take any penny and stick it in the groves of your tire tread. Make sure you have Lincoln's head facing down. If you can see Lincoln's whole head, you need new tire because they are either already completely bald or are getting dangerously close.
  • Test Battery
    The winter months are really hard on your battery, so it may be dying very quickly. Be sure to get it checked out by a mechanic and evaluate if you should get a new one or not. If your battery is dead or close to dead, be sure to get it replaced as soon as you can. It will be much better for your car in the long run if you stay on top of your maintenance and repairs. If you'd like to test your cars battery on your own, click here to learn how you can do it at home.
  • Change Oil and Oil Filter
    In the spring, everyone wants to get out and go places. With all this extra driving, you should add an oil and oil filter change you your maintenance checklist. At this point you are probably due for an oil change anyways, so be on top of it and schedule your appointment with Wrench today!
    To learn more about oil changes and how to know whether you need to book an appointment for an oil change, click here!
  • Get an Inspection
    If you have noticed anything wrong with your car, such as a weird smell or noise, get it checked out. If you are already getting an oil change, you might as well get the peace of mind knowing the thing you noticed is fixed or isn't an issue. At Wrench, we have a large team of qualified mobile mechanics that are ready to help you with any of your auto repair obstacles. All you need to do is book a diagnostic appointment and make note of any abnormalities and our mobile mechanics will take a look at your car and work with you to come up with the best course of action.

Keeping up on your car maintenance schedule is very important, while you might not have to have all of these services done at once, it is important to check and see what your car needs periodically. While there are plenty of car maintenance myths out there, there's a good handful of car maintenance services that are essential to keeping your car in good condition. Read more about how to prepare your car for the upcoming spring months by reading this blog post.

Happy Spring Cleaning from Wrench!


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