Your car's parking brake is a very important safety feature, especially when parking on hills. The parking brake keeps your car from rolling so you can enjoy your day stress-free. But if you come back to your car to release the parking brake and it won't budge, it can be a huge inconvenience. Sometimes it is so stuck, you will need to rely on a professional to get it unstuck, but there are tips we can give you so you can try to loosen it yourself.


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If you ever have to deal with a stuck parking brake, book an appointment with one of our mobile mechanics. We will come to you and fix your parking brake so you don't have to worry about paying for a tow truck. And just remember, you should never drive with your parking brake applied because it can severely damage your car's braking system. Pick the smart choice and choose Wrench.

what to do when your parking brake is stuck infographic
Parking brake won't budge 

My Parking Brake is Frozen

If your parking brake is frozen, heating up the frozen areas may be enough to loosen it so you can drive. Luckily, this tends to be the easiest problem to fix when concerning a stuck parking brake.

  • Turn on Your Car
    When you turn on your car, it will heat the engine. When the engine heats up, it might melt some of the ice that is causing your parking brake to be stuck.
  • Rev The Engine
    To heat the engine faster, you can try gently revving the engine. This may speed up the process but melting a frozen parking brake will take some time so don't be in a big rush.
  • Try Disengaging it Again
    After trying the two tips above, try releasing and applying the parking brake to break up whatever ice is left over. Once you can release the parking brake all the way, your car is good to go. If it is still stuck, there may be a chance that your parking brake isn't frozen. There could be something else wrong with it, we recommend booking your appointment with us as soon as possible so we can figure out why your parking brake is really stuck.

My Parking Brake is Rusty or Corroded

Time isn't always kind to parking brakes. After a while, your parking brake might rust or become corroded, causing it to get stuck. Depending on how far along the rust has progressed, you may be able to loosen your parking brake without a professional. However, most of the time, you will need professional help to get your parking brake unstuck.

  • Apply And Release The Brake Again
    Sometimes if there is only a little bit of rust, applying and releasing the brake over and over will do the trick. If it is too stuck, this might be impossible to do. In that case, schedule an appointment with a Wrench mobile mechanic as soon as possible.
  • Alternate Between Drive And Reverse
    Another thing you can try is release the parking brake and slowly put your car in drive and inch forwards, then put it in reverse and inch backwards. Sometimes this is enough to dislodge the rust. But most of the time, you won't be able to release the brake at all, so you should see a professional for help.

I Applied my Parking Brake For Too Long

If your parking brake is applied for long periods of time, it could get stuck. This could be due to fluctuations in the temperature or other factors. The longest time you should really have your parking brake applied is overnight. After that, you might be walking on thin ice. In this case, it could be frozen, so try the tactics for a frozen parking brake.
If you are planning on going out of town for a long period of time without your car or just won't be driving it for a while. You should try to find a flat area to park and avoid using your parking break to prevent this issue.

My Parking Brake is Jammed

If you applied the parking brake too hard, you might have accidentally jammed it. If you aren't able to unjam your parking brake by gently trying to release it, you should seek professional help so you don't further damage your vehicle.
Luckily for you, Wrench provides extremely convenience auto repair and maintenance services. Just go to our website and fill out our form, you will be able to pick a time and date that works best for you. Then we will send a skilled mobile mechanic to you! Your parking brake will be working again very soon.


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