Your car's wheels are very important as you won't be able to drive anywhere without them. Unless you are a mechanic or you are an avid car enthusiast yourself, you might not know how many parts go into a wheel. There is a tire, rotor, bearing, stator, and capacitor ring, just to name a few. The average car owner doesn't even know the purpose of parts such as wheel bearings, let alone know when they are failing!


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To keep our customers educated about their car and its various parts, we will go over everything you need to know about wheel bearings and why they are important for your vehicle. Then you will be able to quickly identify wheel bearing problems in the future, or at least know when it is time to visit a mechanic.

What Are Wheel Bearings?

A wheel bearing is a set of steel balls or tapers that we call "ball bearings" or "tapered bearings." These bearings are held together by a metal ring called a "race." In the center of the wheel, there is a hollow piece of metal called a "hub," and the wheel bearings fit inside the hub to help rotate your wheels.

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How Long Do Wheel Bearings Last?

Although wheel bearings are engineered to last the entire lifespan of your vehicle, they can break and get worn out. Most wheel bearings last about 85,000 to 100,000 miles before they need to be replaced. Some vehicles have wheel bearings that last a lot longer, and some vehicles need them replaced fairly quickly. It all depends on the quality of your wheel bearings and your usual driving conditions.

Since your wheel bearings are located on your wheel, they need to be able to withstand harsh driving and weather conditions such as potholes, speed bumps, rain, dust, and more. All these harsh conditions can reduce their lifespan, so you should keep an eye out for the symptoms of a failing wheel bearing rather than relying on a timeline.

Signs And Symptoms Of Failing Wheel Bearings

There are many signs you should look out for if you are concerned about your wheel bearings. If you notice any of the signs listed below, you might need a wheel bearing replacement. Keep your eyes and ears alert if you suspect your wheel bearings are going bad, and let your mechanic know which signs you've noticed.

Signs of a bad wheel bearing:

  • Strange Noises
    Bad wheel bearings can cause a variety of strange noises, so it's best to take note of anything you hear. As a car owner, it is your job to know what noises are normal, so you should notice noises that are out of the norm as soon as they start. Hearing humming, squealing, squeaking, growling, clicking, snapping, popping, clunking, or knocking noises is common if your wheel bearing is bad. You might hear these noises when you turn, accelerate, shift gears, and more. These noises could also be indicating a variety of other issues, so let your mechanic figure out what the problem is.
  • Grinding
    If your car is grinding while you are driving it, that's not good! This can mean that there is already severe mechanical damage in your wheel's system. If you notice this while shifting gears or turning your vehicle, there is a good chance your wheel bearings are to blame.
  • Vibrations
    If you feel your vehicle vibrating when you are turning or changes speed, this could be an indication that you need to replace your wheel bearings. Many car owners don't assume that the root cause of vibrations is bad wheel bearings, but it can! If you notice multiple symptoms on this list, you might need a wheel bearing replacement soon.
  • Pulling While Applying Brakes
    Sometimes, a car will pull to one side while applying pressure on the brakes. This is not normal and can be a symptom that your wheel bearings are failing. Pulling to one side can also signify another issue, so be sure to talk with a mechanic.
  • Uneven Brake Pad Or Rotor Wear
    Abnormal wear and tear of your tires and brake pads can have many causes. One of those causes is failing wheel bearings. If you notice uneven brake pad or rotor wearing, you should book an appointment with a technician no matter what you think the cause may be.
  • ABS Failure
    Additionally, ABS failure or general issues can be a sign that your wheel bearings are bad. Anti-lock brakes are an important safety feature of your car, so you will need to get this issue resolved as soon as possible. Learn more about ABS by clicking here!

Some of these symptoms of bad wheel bearings are very serious and need immediate attention. Before hopping back on the road, make sure to get your car checked out by a qualified mechanic!

Can I Drive With Bad Wheel Bearings

No. We don't recommend driving without a properly functioning wheel bearing. Not only is it extremely dangerous for you, but you can also end up injuring or killing other drivers on the road.

If you ignore bad wheel bearings, your wheel could stop working while driving, or you could have issues steering your car.

In addition to the danger, it can put a lot of strain on other parts of your vehicle, such as the hub, CV joint, and transmission. If you don't repair your failing wheel bearings soon enough, you might have to spend even more money on auto repair services. You might also notice that your tires wear out faster, which will mean you will need to purchase new tires more often. Overall, all of these potential side effects of bad wheel bearings can end up being more expensive than the original problem.

Mobile Wheel Bearing Replacement Near You!

Looking for a mobile mechanic to replace your wheel bearings? Look no further because Wrench is here to help! We have hundreds of ASE-certified mobile technicians all over the country that have the skills to replace your wheel bearings or perform any requested auto repair or maintenance service.

Luckily for you, a wheel bearing replacement service isn't a super complicated job, especially for professional technicians. This means it won't be as expensive or time-intensive as a more severe issue. However, if you ignore this issue for too long, other parts might be affected by the bad wheel bearings, adding more repairs and costs to your final bill.

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How To Book A Wheel Bearing Replacement With Wrench

Log into our mobile app or website to book a wheel bearing replacement service today! You can book an appointment as a guest if you don't have an account with us just yet. Whether you have an account with us or not, we will need to gather a little information about your type of vehicle and its needs.

The first thing we will need to know is what kind of vehicle you have. You should provide us with the year, make, and model, as well as the VIN and license plate number. This information will help us properly prepare for your wheel bearing replacement and any other services you may have requested. If your car requires a specific part, we will make sure we come with the correct tools and parts to perform all of your necessary repairs and services.

Then we will need to know what auto repair or maintenance service you need. If you know your wheel bearings have gone bad, book a wheel bearing replacement appointment! If you suspect that your wheel bearings are the cause of your automotive issues, but you aren't sure, book a diagnostic appointment and our mobile technician will take a look at your car and figure out what's going on.

Once we know which services your car needs and what kind of car you have, we will calculate an auto repair quote for you. This quote will be personalized just for you, so you can know exactly what to expect. We will include everything from the cost of the parts and labor to the estimated time it will take to complete the services. After you have had the chance to look over our auto repair quote, you will pick a date, time, and location for your wheel bearing replacement appointment.

Then the rest is up to us! Our mobile technician will arrive on time and completely prepared to get your car up and running again. Go ahead and book a mobile wheel bearing replacement with Wrench today!

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