Do you want to know what makes Wrench stand out from other mobile mechanic companies? Our technicians! We are proud to have the best mobile technicians, also commonly known as mobile mechanics, all over the United States. Without great technicians, we wouldn't be as successful as we are today! To give our technicians the recognition they deserve for all their hard work, we are choosing one tech each week to spotlight on our social media and blog.


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This week, we are giving a big shout-out to Josh M! Josh M. is one of our mobile technicians in the greater Minneapolis metropolitan area.

Josh has received quite a few positive reviews this past week. Customers say he is kind and helpful. One even said they would book another appointment with Wrench in a heartbeat because of their experience with Josh!

Wrench Mobile Mechanic With 11 Year Old Daughter
Josh M. enjoying a day off with his daughter!

Wrench In Minneapolis, Minnesota

If you are looking for a qualified mobile technician in Minneapolis, you have found the right blog! Book an appointment with Wrench in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and you might be lucky enough to score a mobile repair or maintenance appointment with Josh M!

Our team of mobile technicians in Minneapolis can travel to almost any location of your preference to repair your car. Many customers enjoy our services in their driveways or office parking lots so they can spend their time more efficiently, but that's not all! When you book an appointment with Wrench, the possibilities are endless. Click here to learn more about our service site location requirements if you plan to book an appointment in the near future.

Whether you are in downtown Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Bloomington, Brooklyn Park, Plymouth, Maple Grove, or another city in the Minneapolis metropolitan area, Wrench is here for you.

Josh's Experience In The Automotive Industry

Josh M. has a lot of experience in the automotive industry - 18 years to be exact! He spent 12 years in independent shops learning a lot about a variety of makes and models and 6 years in a dealership with specialized training in Chevrolet, Volkswagen, and Honda vehicles. He is even ASE-certified!

When Josh M. was graduating high school, he had a friend that was planning on leaving their home state of Minnesota to attend Universal Technical Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. At that time, he knew virtually nothing about the automotive industry but wanted to branch out and spend some time in Arizona. At the Universal Technical Institute, he discovered his passion for repairing vehicles and has worked in the industry ever since!

Josh joined the Wrench team in September of 2021 and has had a blast being a mobile technician so far.

"I enjoy being out and interacting with the customer. It gives me the opportunity to educate them about their vehicle and the repairs needed. I have always enjoyed that aspect of my career and found that it was missing when I was at the dealership." - Josh M.

While Josh is a relatively new addition to our team, he has been working very hard. He has completed quite a few service calls but believes his very first call is the most memorable so far.

"My time with Wrench has been short so far. I would say my very first service call is the most memorable. It was exciting and scary at the time. My vehicle was quickly outfitted for a mobile technician, with most of my tools difficult to access. My first call was an electrical diagnosis, and I remember being so happy because I set up a spare black and decker toolbox specifically for electrical diagnostics. It helped make my first call a success!" - Josh M.

Being a mobile technician is very different from being a technician at a dealership or traditional repair shop because they are always on the go. The mobility aspect of the job can create its own challenges, but many technicians find it can be more rewarding and exciting!

Wrench technicians also have a strong support system that is always available to help our technicians if an issue ever occurs while they are on the job. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the Wrench team like Josh M. have them apply by clicking here!

Words Of Wisdom From Josh M.

Your car is made up of many parts and it is very important to take good care of it. While we could give you a lot of tips on how to care for your vehicle, every technician has one general piece of advice that they would give to anyone.

This is Josh's go-to piece of advice:

"Please follow your vehicle manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule. It is my opinion that preventative maintenance is the most important part of keeping your vehicle on the road and your occupants safe." - Josh M.

Want to take his advice? Book a mobile car maintenance appointment with Wrench today!

How To Book An Appointment With Wrench's Mobile Technicians

If you are interested in booking a mobile auto repair or maintenance service with Wrench, you are in luck because the process is very simple. You can click the "Get a free quote" button at the bottom of this screen to get started today! You can also book an appointment with Wrench through the homepage of our website or our mobile app.

When you book an appointment with us, we will need to know some basic information about your vehicle and the problems it's having.

You should have your vehicle's information such as the year, make, and model, available so we can get a good understanding of what kind of vehicle we will be working on. You can also provide us with your VIN, or vehicle identification number, to speed up the booking process.

Then you will be able to choose the service you need. If you are looking to take Josh's advice and book a maintenance appointment, you can do that directly. If you are having problems with your car and aren't sure what's wrong, you can book a diagnostic appointment and our mobile technician will help determine the issue.

Once we have received the information we need, we will calculate your mobile repair estimate. This estimate will include the expected costs and time commitment so you know what is required for the service you need.

Finally, you will pick your preferred date, time, and location for your mobile repair or maintenance service. It's that easy!

In no time, our mobile technicians like Josh M. will get your vehicle up and running so you can enjoy your day with peace of mind.


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