When your car needs repair, finding the right shop or mechanic for your vehicle can be a hassle. Let alone being able to book an appointment within a reasonable time frame can be a pain. Luckily with Wrench's mobile mechanics, that's all solved with the valuable service of bringing the repairs right to you!

With the help of technology and a team of talented engineers and ASE-certified mechanics, Wrench has made car repairs as easy as pressing a few buttons. Waiting at the shop can be a thing of the past when you use Wrench as your trusted mechanic.
Get started by booking today to make your next car servicing experience more accessible than ever! With hundreds of mobile technicians all across the nation, we can offer services at the comfort of your choice of time, date, and location.

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As Wrench continues to grow, we wanted to highlight our extraordinary technicians for their hard-working and guaranteeing the best service that can be done. This week the technician we want to focus on is Jared W.! He can be found doing repairs in Fresno, California, for those lucky enough to get serviced by him.

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Jared W.

Jared is one of the many technicians we have in the Fresno area. Along with being ASE-certified, he will have no problem checking your car's AC to ensure it's working correctly. With a background in cars going back to when he was just 16, it's safe to say working on cars is his passion. With interest in cars, he's been professionally working on vehicles since 2011, specializing in European cars such as BMW and Mercedes.

Customer Testimonials

"Exceptional service, courteous and punctual. I can not express my satisfaction and Jared’s professionalism. Knowledgeable on questions I asked and provided technical advice on vehicle maintenance. Jared will be the reason for future use and word-of-mouth recommendation! Wrench, take care of Jared he deserves recognition!" - Ronnie
"Awesome service. Diagnosed my car and took the time to thoroughly check for my oil leak. Kept in contact the whole time." - Christian M
"Jared knew what was wrong and how to fix it. My jeep broke down on the I-5 and was towed to Fresno and I wasn’t sure what to do and now I feel confident that I will be able to finish my trek all the way up to Oregon. Thank you Jared you saved the day." - Evan B
"Very nice and helpful explaining everything he was doing and gave good feedback and suggestions for future references for cars recommend him to anybody." - Andrea S

Jared's knowledge and ability to communicate effectively are just a few things that customers loved about him, not to mention that Jared is an exceptional part of the Wrench team. Unsurprisingly, he's received so much praise since being an ASE-certified mechanic is not easy. However, the rigorous training and dedication highlight the strong work ethic he excels in. For example, when asked for a tip on how to improve a car's lifecycle, Jared said:

"Check your fluids whenever you get gas if you’re able to." -Wrench Mobile Mechanic, Jared W.

How to Book with Wrench

Booking with Wrench is easier than ever; we even have an app! With our online booking platform, making an appointment is straightforward.

To start, you will be asked for the VIN of your car, or you can manually enter the year, make, and model of your vehicle. This will allow you to pick what services you need, so you get exactly what you are looking for.

Once all the information has been filled out, you'll receive a quote that will include everything from labor to part costs. From there, you must pick a date, time, and location for your service appointment.

One crucial factor to remember is whether or not the car is in an area that is safe and flat, safety is our priority, and these are meant for guidelines to ensure quality service. We've even made a blog to help you out on what is considered safe and flat! Once an appointment has been set, all left to do is relax and leave the rest to us.

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