Many people have seen the advertisement on TV for a product designed to stop leaks on a vehicle or even heard about it on the radio. Some of them are designed to assist with oil leaks and others are designed to “fix” coolant leaks. The commercial conveys the product will fix coolant/antifreeze leaks by blocking the hole, or holes in the system, and sealing in the liquid coolant, allowing coolant/antifreeze to continue to cool the engine. Sometimes the commercials will even recommend a stop leak product as a temporary solution until you can have a mechanic check the vehicle.


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Several different companies have begun making products for consumers to use instead of going to an actual mechanic to have services done. Many automotive parts stores promote these products as a quick, do-it-yourself, repair and will even recommend it as a solution. As with most of these “magic” products that promise everything for a super low cost, a stop leak product is definitely something you want to avoid.

The actual reason why automotive parts stores are peddling these products is that they come with a very high commission rate. These deceptive products damage your vehicle while the store which sold it gets a profit and hopes that you will go to their store to purchase all the car parts the stop leak product has damaged.

Common Places that Leak Antifreeze/Coolant

  • Radiator - the main component of the cooling system, the radiator circulates the coolant.
  • Thermostat - the part of the cooling system that regulates the temperature of the engine.
  • Hoses - connect the engine with the radiator to provide coolant/antifreeze.
  • Water Pump - regulates the flow of the coolant throughout the system.
  • Heater Core - cools down the coolant in some cars.
  • Overflow Tank - allows extra room in the cooling system for fluid heat expansion.
  • Cooling Fans - pulls cold air through the radiator.

Would You Put Green Tire Slime in Your Engine?

Compare it in your mind to the canned slime for bicycle tires, is that something you would want running through your vehicle’s engine? We didn’t think so, we wouldn’t like that either.

If you were unfortunate enough to fall for this advertisement trap, Wrench would be able to come to the vehicle, assess the situation, and let you know how the situation can be resolved. Over time what happens is the stop leak product that was put into the cooling system starts to break down, dry up, and break apart, causing debris and potentially even a large clump to go free-falling into the cooling system. This can easily block off an entire passageway, causing all coolant flow to the engine to stop. A blockage in the system caused by debris can cause excess pressure to build up causing hoses and weak points in the system to explode, or burst. When the pressure is too high and a hose bursts somewhere, all the coolant would gush out all at once, leaving no coolant in the system at all.

Wrench Recommends ~ Avoid Using These Products

Wrench strongly recommends that you call us for a diagnostic inspection to have any coolant leaks checked out right away. When a vehicle is leaking coolant, there is less and less liquid flowing through the engine, this leads to overheating. An internal combustion engine begins to overheat when the cold coolant stops cooling the internal engine components. The sensors inside the vehicle’s computer will then engage the Check Engine Light or other warning notification. If a vehicle overheats to an extreme level, it will most likely turn itself off wherever it is. Coolant leaks are also very bad for the environment because it puts the chemicals in the ground.

An inexpensive $25 product can wreak havoc on your vehicle and even lead to catastrophic internal engine failure.  It may stop the leak, but it will also get into all of your vehicle’s motor cooling passages. What the product does is adheres to every surface it touches, causing a gummy - sticky barrier to prevent the coolant from leaking out the hole. Afterward, it’s virtually impossible to flush it out of the coolant system. Even if you were to replace the radiator itself, there would still be remnants of the stop leak throughout the vehicle’s cooling system. At Wrench, we do not recommend that you ever use any of these types of products on your vehicle because the damage it causes will far exceed the money you may have saved. Our diagnostic services come with a $50 repair credit and a technician could come and inspect your vehicle’s issue and let you know how it can be resolved.  

When to Call Wrench

Leaking ~ Anytime the vehicle has any kind of leak, give Wrench a call to have it inspected before it gets worse.

Want to know if your leak is coolant? Here's what you might notice if your car is leaking coolant:

  • Fluid Smells Sweet
  • Low Coolant Level Light Illuminates
  • Engine Overheats
  • Car Stalls
  • Visible Lime-Green, Orange, Pink, or Blue-Green Puddles Under Car

Overheating ~ Anytime the temperature gauge goes above the halfway mark, it is overheating.  As soon as the vehicle first overheats whatsoever, give Wrench a call to have it check out before it causes internal engine damage.

Wrench’s ASE-certified mobile mechanics will be able to come to your vehicle and inspect it at your convenience.  Most of the time we are able to offer same-day appointments and we keep the appointments with the same mobile mechanics so you are able to build that friendly rapport you would expect with a mechanic. Once they inspect your vehicle they will provide you with an action plan of how to get you running again. A chemical flush of the cooling system is a great way to start removing old stop leak products. Any components, like a heater core, that have become completely clogged can be replaced with new parts and hoses. Wrench services come with a 12 month or 12,000-mile warranty when we provide parts and labor. Take advantage of Wrench’s mobility and schedule an appointment today!

If you noticed a little puddle or a slight sweet smell after turning off the engine, then it’s time to call 844-997-3624 to have a technician come to diagnose the issue. Wrench also has a simple and straightforward booking process online or through our mobile app. Even if you have already used a stop leak product, Wrench can assist with getting the debris out of the system and getting you back on the road.


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