If you have ever gone to an auto repair shop because you car is acting weird, you probably have already had a diagnostic service. Most car owners have had a diagnostic service at least once, and they are't something to be afraid of! If your car or truck is having issues, a diagnostic service is necessary to find and fix the problem. Many people don't know a lot about cars, but you will notice if there is something strange going on. For example, many people notice odd sounds or smells. Sometimes the car won't even start! If you are experiencing issues with your car or truck, you should book an appointment with a qualified professional because, if left untreated, some problems can lead to even more problems down the road.


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Keep reading this blog post to learn more about diagnostic services and where you can find a qualified mobile mechanic to perform a diagnostic service on your car or truck.

What Is An Automotive Diagnostic Service?

A diagnostic service is an appointment designated to figuring out the issue with your vehicle. If you don't know what the problem is, make a note of all of the abnormalities you are experiencing and tell your mechanic when they arrive for your appointment. If you can take videos or pictures of the problem, that's even better! That will help you mechanic understand the issues at hand and they will be able to identify the problem a lot faster.

Here at Wrench, we have teams of ASE-certified mobile mechanics all over the country. If you are in need of a convenient diagnostic service for your car or truck, book an appointment with us! We will perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle and fix the issue you came to us with as well as ensure that all the other systems in your car are working properly. In no time, we will get you back on the road so you can cruise down the highway once again.

Signs You Need A Diagnostic Service

Most people have a few reasons why they are booking a diagnostic appointment. There can be many things that go wrong with your car, so a diagnostic appointment is a blanket service where the mechanic works to figure out the issue. If you are noticing any abnormalities with your car, you should book a diagnostic appointment. As for the signs listed below, they could be indicating a variety of problems so it's best to see a professional before these problems worsen.

  • Dashboard Lights Are On
    You car's dashboard has many icons on it. Every car might have icons that look slightly different, but they will appear fairly similar. If one of the icons lights up, that means you have and issue with the respective system. When you dashboard lights turn on, it is very important to get that checked out by a mobile mechanic, even if you thing it is a minor issue. If your check engine lights come on, we have a blog post about the steps you should take to solve that issue. To learn more about your car's dashboard lights and what they mean, click here!
  • Car Won't Start
    If your car is refusing to start, you might be frustrated. Car issues can often occur at the most inconvenient times, leaving you without a car when you need it the most. There can be a variety of reasons why your car won't start, which is why it is important to book a diagnostic appointment as soon as possible. It could be a battery or alternator problem, but you won't know until a professional has looked at it. If you are currently dealing with a car that won't start, click here to try and figure out what could be going wrong.
  • Notice Strange Smells
    You car might have a very specific smell. Maybe it smells like an air freshener or maybe it smells like sweaty sports gear. No matter what your car smells like, you should know what is normal and what is not. If you notice strange smells are starting to occur such as gas or rotten eggs, a diagnostic appointment might be your best bet. Strange smells are not only gross and inconvenient, but they could be very dangerous to your health depending on the issue.
  • Hear Odd Noises
    The same thing goes for odd noises. You know what sounds are normal in your car. If any abnormalities occur, you should get it checked out as soon as possible. These noises can be quite alarming and some of our customers have told us they thought their car was just haunted. Last Halloween, we wrote a blog post breaking down which sounds are concerning and which sounds could indicate that you car is haunted. To read that post, click here. To learn even more about the different sounds your car could be making and what they mean, click here to read another one of our blog posts.
  • Car Is Vibrating Or Shaking
    Your car should never be shaking or vibrating at any point. Maybe if you blasted your sound system, the noise might shake the car a little, but under normal circumstances it should be stable. If you are noticing that your car vibrates or shakes when you are parked or are driving, that could indicate that your car needs to be serviced.
  • Brakes Aren't Responding Or Require Extra Pressure
    Brake issues are one of the most serious automotive problems you can have. Without functioning brakes, driving could put you and others on the road in great danger. As soon as you notice issues with your brakes, you need to book a brake diagnostic appointment immediately. If your brakes are requiring more pressure to stop your car or they are squeaking like a mouse, you need to get them checked out sooner rather than later. Your brakes will wear out over time, so repairing them is not an abnormal thing. Want to know how long your brakes should last until they will cause problems? Click here!
  • Car Is Overheating
    During the summer months, many people deal with overheating cars, although it can happen at any time of the year. This is not a normal thing that should be happening to your car and there are specific things you need to do if you find that your car is overheating. To learn more about why your car might be overheating, click here. Book an appointment with a mobile mechanic to determine the cause of the overheating before more issues arise.
  • Fluids Are Leaking Out
    If you back out of your garage, driveway, or parking spot and see a puddle under where your car was parked, then you should book a diagnostic appointment with a mechanic to figure out the issue. Most of the time, you can figure out what system in your car is broken by inspecting the fluid, so if you notice it, take a picture and show our mobile mechanics when you book your appointment. Here is a break down of what fluids might be leaking from your car and what they look like.
  • Car Is Smoking
    A smoking car is one of the most alarming car problems car owners experience. Many of our customers that have dealt with a smoking car have told us they were in a state of panic when it occurred. If you are having this problem, you might be wondering, "Why is my car smoking?" Or you might be wondering what to tell a mobile mechanic if your car is smoking. Read our blog posts about smoking cars to get more information on this specific issue.
  • Dimmed Lights Or Other Electronic Issues
    Dimmed lights and other electronic issues like problems with the radio are another reason to book a diagnostic appointment. There can be many different reasons why your car might be having issues with the electrical system, and it could even be an easy fix! So don't be afraid to book an appointment if this is the problem!
  • Any Other Abnormalities
    While this list is a really good start on what you should be keeping an eye on, there are many parts of your car and if any of the parts break, they will cause issues. If you notice any other abnormalities, book an appointment with a mechanic or auto repair professional so you can ensure that you are save on the road.

Mobile Diagnostic Services From Wrench

Looking for a mobile diagnostic service? Wrench's mobile mechanics are delivering all of our convenient auto repair and maintenance services to your preferred location whether that be your home, office, or anywhere else in your town. If you book an appointment with Wrench, you will be able to leave your car problems to us and we will check out your car while you spend your time doing whatever matters most to you. Auto repair doesn't get more convenient than Wrench!

We are looking forward to performing a diagnostic service for your car very soon!


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